Today, is our Anniversary.

Hello!!! After 3 weeks of suitcase living, we are BACK home in Houston!!

We spent a week with my in-laws cruising the STUNNING southern Caribbean,
( seriously I have never seen such pretty beaches in my life! )
and then spent a couple weeks in Utah with my family for my little brother's gorgeous wedding!

( Aaron of course has been back and forth with work and wasn't with us the whole time in Utah but still was able to come celebrate for wedding festivities! My in-laws even flew to Utah for the wedding to support my brother - Sweetest ever! I love how close they are with my family! )

I have so much to catch up on and about 1400 pictures on my camera of recent happenings that need to be sorted through! #photooverloadcoming
( If you have emailed me within the last 3 weeks - I'm working on catching up so sorry! )

We lived it up traveling our last trip as a family of THREE!!
In 9 short weeks ( if that! ) we will be a family of FOUR!
Say whhhhattt!?

And TODAY is my favorite day, because Aaron and I celebrate 5 years of marriage!
I was 19 ( just a baby ) when we got married and now Aaron jokes, that I'm all grown up :)

The last 5 years have been nothing short of an adventure.
Through college, moving across the country, law school, bar exam, almost ( 2!!! ) babies, the ups and downs life sends your way, and everything in-between, it's been quite the journey.
The best kind of journey.

To my best friend, and the most handsome, sweet, loyal, kind hearted, and hilarious person I know,
I love loving you.

Ry is off to my in-laws house for the weekend and Aaron and I are going to celebrate!
He's the sweetest and has it all planned and I don't ask many questions :)

Hope everyone has the best weekend!
It's 101 degrees here with about 95 percent humidity so I am pretty sure Aaron and I will be in our swimsuits somewhere. HA ( only way to survive 31 weeks pregnant!! )
Here's to a lot of catch up posts to come and staying cool in this summer heat! XO

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Happy happy anniversary! Those cruise pics looked absolutely gorgeous.

  2. What a beautiful family my friend - and happy anniversary! This is also our 5 years to celebrate x