The outfit that celebrated Baby Luke.

It feels like yesterday that we were heading to our 20 week ultrasound to find out the gender of our second baby.
As soon as the ultrasound tech pulled up the computer screen and I saw his little face,
I saw "a little Ryan". I immediately knew for sure it was another boy.

The chin, eyes, nose, face shape, everything was screaming "Ryan."
I told Aaron, "either it's a girl that looks just like Ryan or another boy." HA
Sure enough ANOTHER BOY.

Regardless of the fact that I had plenty of "boy clothes" at home that Ryan wore when he was little, we headed straight to baby gap to buy an outfit to celebrate.
( Because I have convinced my husband that shopping is a necessity when celebrating ;)

While looking at outfits at Baby Gap, this little cloud one-piece caught my eye.
It made me smile and I told Aaron "this is the one".
The "cool dude cloud outfit."

Fast forward to today… As I got it out for Luke to wear for the first time this morning, I had a flashback of the emotional high we were on that day imagining what it would feel like to add another BOY to the mix.
( and me feeling slightly scared and inadequate as a "boy mom"HA )

Now here we are, with our little Luke.
So happy he's here.
And gosh does this outfit describe Luke perfectly. Just a "chill, happy, content little babe."

So moral of the story.. Some outfits have a meaning behind them. Like this cool dude cloud outfit. ^ :)
Luuuuke!!! My heart is bursting.

PS. He is just starting to smile ( not just while he sleeps! ) and it's kind of killing me! THESE BOYS!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. so so sweet Karina. Goodness he is just a little piece of heaven, isn't he?

  2. The precious little outfit for a perfect boy. I love the little clouds, those gorgeous smiles (and the middle finger!) x