Halloween 2015

We woke up to a stormy gloomy day ( and when I say stormy I mean like "Texas Rain" - CRAZY storm! ) - Perfect mood setter for Halloween.

For weeks leading up to Halloween, Ryan has been asking to wear his shark costume.
I would let him wear it for a morning here and there and then would make him take it off when we went to the grocery store ETC, and he would cry when he had to take it off. ( I have never seen a child love a costume so much in my life! HA )
However, I kept telling him that on Halloween he could wear it ALL DAY LONG and I wouldn't make him take it off.
So to my word, he woke up bright and early Halloween morning and his costume was on by 8 AM.

"Halloween is my favorite" - Ryan's quote of the day.

I mean really... candy and costumes?! What more could a toddler want!?
( HA my husband and I have been known to be Halloween Scrooge's in the past so this year we stepped up our game for Ry. What you won't do for your kids right?! ;)

I made Ryan THESE pumpkin pancakes for breakfast with added orange food coloring ;)
He was in heaven. He was so excited to have a "SPOOKY BREAKFAST" as he called it.

A couple weeks ago we carved pumpkins with our good friends and what do you think Ryan chose to carve…

You guys, the shark has seriously taken over our house this past month HA.
( and yes we carved his pumpkin he painted a few weeks back )

And not to forget our little Nemo.. who slept most of his first Halloween.

The torrential down pour that hit us earlier in the day cleared out for trick or treating- thank goodness!! We walked around the neighborhood with my in-laws and some good friends.
 The kids had to get a picture in front of the "minion house" as Ryan calls it.
( my husband can do a ridiculously good "GRU" ( from Despicable Me ) impression 
so we like minions over at our house HA )

Ryan seriously scored on candy.
I may or may not have influenced him on candy decisions when he had the choice of what to choose.
The beauty of being a parent and eating your kids candy when they go to sleep HA ( you want to make sure they get your favorites! )

We had to keep stuffing candy in Luke's carseat to lighten Ryan's bucket because he kept complaining that it was "too heavy" HA ( rough life RY - I don't feel bad for you at all ;)

Ryan is convinced Halloween is the greatest day on earth after Saturday.
He woke up Sunday wanting to do it all over again. HA
Personally, I'm happy it happened but slightly more excited to get into Thanksgiving / Christmas ( MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR! )

Just wait for Christmas child. :) 
Hope everyone had a wonderful and SAFE Halloween!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I was just looking through this months ensign from conference. Is that your little sister on page 88?:)

  2. I cannot get over these cute costumes! And love the spooky breakfast x