Catch UP!

HI!!! After a long BREAK -- I charged my camera for the first time in MONTHS the other day and it made me so sad!
Take TOO many pictures! Sometimes life gets busy and pictures get put on the back burner but that's what makes the memories last!

This is going WAYY back so I can remember these things down the road!

My sis came to stay with us for a weekend - my kiddos are obsessed with her so they were in heaven.

( I love this picture so much ^^ )

Aaron and I's favorite holiday ;) -- Halloween came and went.
My own personal little zoo ^^

Look how little they were last year ! ^^

Shark pumpkin for the win! ^^ Aaron one up'pd me in the parent department after this!

All thing LIPSENSE! ^^ I will be doing a post on it soon -- I love it so much!!

My little sis got her LDS Church mission call to Arequipa, Peru! ^^

Cutest little missionary! ^^
Don't know what I'm going to do without her for 18 months!

We had 2 weeks of bliss as a family before my sister left on her mission --We spent Christmas in the beautiful Utah SNOW!

Our elf PePe made the trek from Houston ;) ^^

Ry and Lukey finally have a cousin!
Baby Cato.
All of the sudden my one year old looks massive! ^^

At basketball games - He knows what's up! ^^

We spent lots of time in park city at our cabin  ^^ and Ryan ice skated for the first time!

These boys love their Grandpa! ^^
We all froze during family pictures! Luke never smiled once but we made it through with snacks HA!
Love this fam of mine!

A few things to note:
Ryan at 4 is learning to read at preschool ( in denial he is old enough for this! )
and is still obsessed with all things sharks and dancing. I could watch his little moves all day.
Currently learning the Whip and Nae Nae and it's hilarious!

Luke is 17 months old - crazy as ever.
He's my "no fear child" and Aaron and I worry daily about his low pain tolerance. haha!
His newest trick is walking off the COUCH at full speed.
He wears his little red boots almost daily and it's hilarious watching him roam around in those babies!

Love these kiddos and their identical look but completely opposite personalities!

We keep busy as ever with all things kids, Aaron's job, my job, church responsibilities and training for my FIRST FULL marathon this Saturday! Ready to be done with the 4:45 AM runs ;)
But ahh Life is so good! I find myself each day wishing time would slow down! It all goes too fast!

Thanks for being patient with my delayed posts and for all the sweet messages I have received about blog related stuff lately! Truly, you guys are the best!

2017 is going to be a BIG year and we are so ready for it!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. YAY!!!!! So excited to see this post - and such gorgeous pictures. Miss you sweet friend x

  2. Such a beautiful family! So glad you're back to blogging!!

  3. Hi Karina,
    I miss your posts. I hope all is well.
    Warm Regards,