I put up Christmas decor up EXTRA early this year.
Partly because we were leaving town and not getting home until after Thanksgiving and partly for selfish reasons of wanting to make the "magic" last as LONG as possible for my two babes!
They are in heaven with the excitement of Christmas already and at the PERFECT ages!

There is something about Christmas tree lights at night time that make me so happy!
It makes bedtime stories that much more magical and I love sitting by the tree with Aaron after the kids go down for bed and recapping our full day to each other! Its my favorite.

Anyone else have to have Christmas candles burning daily!??
I LOVE it so much!

I'm obsessed with WHITE Christmas everything.
I think it reminds me of Utah and always growing up with Snow on Christmas!?
I've been in Houston almost 7 years and it's still SO foreign to me that it's not freezing cold outside haha!


I want to look back and remember our first home all decorated for Christmas!
So grateful for my Savior, the reason for the season, and obsessed with this magical time of year!!!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Such gorgeous decor my friend - love everything white and silver x

  2. This is beautiful! You have such decorating style. Your kids are lucky!