35 weeks.

I am now going to the doctor weekly until his birth.
Which means I get to hear his heartbeat once a week. yayyy
At this weeks appointment she did a vaginal check.
(which is no fun)
She said my cervix was thinning and everything was looking good.
The babies heartbeat was strong,
she is almost positive he is facing down- which is such a good thing!
My blood pressure and weight were good!
Next week we go in for an ultrasound to see our little one.
I am counting down the days.
Aaron and I are making bets on how much he weighs.
Ok I am convinced I have a one in a million belly button-
please tell me if anyone else's belly button ever like folded in half.
I don't even know how to describe it.
I can stick my finger into it- it's still deep-
but the top part of it is like folding down??
What the.
I have looked at other peoples pregnant bellies-
(ok that came out wrong) ha
but their belly buttons just look flat or they poke out?
Mine is just a "special one" as Aaron says haha

This week I had "one of those days"
=major meltdown.
I think I have done pretty well overall,
 considering the fact that pregnancy makes your hormones go crazy.
Lets be honest, you don't exactly feel like a million bucks every day.
But for the most part I feel like I have been really happy..

However I was sitting on the stairs putting my socks on to get ready for a run the other day when I realized I couldnt reach my right foot (meaning my belly had gotten too big -
(( I could reach it the day before))..
I let out a cry that probably sounded like I was going into labor,
but no... just couldn't reach my foot haha.
You will never know how that feels until one day it actually happens to you- trust me.
I wouldn't be suprised if you cried either.
Aaron came running to the rescue to see if everything was ok.
And then it just all went downhill.
 I think the lack of sleep, Houston heat,
and fact that all I felt like doing was laying in bed and eating, got to me.
It was a meltdown to remember.
Thank you pregnancy!

The workers at Red Mango know my name.
I am proud to say that 3 of the last 4 days have been spent there.
My husband is such a trooper.

This week I made funfetti cake batter-
mearly just to eat the batter- didnt even bake the cake.

My families flights are booked to Houston for the babes!
Lets hope he comes within the 4 days they are here haha
if not then it will just be a little vacation.
(my mom is planning to stay for a week after he is born but the kiddos can't miss too much school)

My veggie intake is seriously lacking.
The extent of my veggies is an occasional corn on the cob-
or the piece of lettuce they put on my subway sandwich.
Broccoli just doesn't sound appealing these days.
(lets be honest- it never has sounded appealing and pregnancy just magnifys that)
I am counting on my pre natals to fulfill those nutrients ha.

I made it through the night last night without a bathroom break-
(which was a first in a long time)
only to wake up and feel like I was going to explode.
I must have been in a deep a coma last night.

My dreams are all about babies, labor, and more babies.
Aaron loves hearing the latest each morning when I wake up.

I call him my little basketball.
I find myself holding my tummy everywhere.
Partly to feel him kick, but also just to hold it.

He kicks like crazy for daddy each night-
and all day long.
I think he knows his voice??

We are truly so happy.
Pregnancy is like waiting 9 months for the ultimate best Christmas present.
I feel so blessed to be this little one's mommy.
Each night I tell him how much I love him- so he better know that when he gets here!
Every bathroom break, meltdown, and prenatal vitamin-
it's ALL worth it.
Mommy loves you!!!!!

P.S. if you have posted or written a birth story-
I guarantee I have read it.
I am so fascinated and read them daily.
Thank you thank you!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. You are the cutest pregnant girl I've ever seen :)

  2. I'm dying over this! Why do you look so dang cute?! hahah! You are TINY. Can't wait to see pictures once the little guy is born.

    Amanda @ weandserendipity

  3. You are cute. And I love that outfit. Is it a dress? I want it.

  4. You are so adorable! Also, so cute that all your dreams are about babies!


  5. You look so gorgeous! He's gonna be one precious little boy :). And I feel you on the lack of veggies...thank goodness for vitamins!

  6. You look so cute! I love your dress and cardigan combo. I'm kind of glad I don't have a Red Mango nearby because I would be a regular at that place, too! Especially because you keep mentioning it. Sounds sooo yummy!! I second you comment about the prenatals. Hopefully my baby is getting all that he/she needs because veggies are not my friend right now. Fruit and cake on the other hand...

  7. Karina you are so darling. I really don't know how you have survived pregnancy in the Houston heat. My mom hated being pregnant during Texas summers. You are a trooper!

  8. Love following your blog updates. I can't believe how tiny you look! So cute. And we are so close in due dates! I am excited to keep following and watching our little babes grow!

  9. thegiftofgivinglife.com and birthfaith.org are great birth story sites.
    Good luck with your cute family!

  10. So exciting! Cutest pregnant lady ever! And your outfit is too cute :)


  11. hey girl I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a blogger award today on my blog! Hope you come check it out -- congrats! xo


    1. How sweet are you!? Thank you so much! You are such a doll! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  12. It's getting close! A friend of mine from my Master's cohort did some research on blogging and how good it is for new moms, I hope you can continue to blog after your little one comes even if it is once in a while. I do it and it helps enormously! I forgot to mention that the two books that have saved my life are the Baby 411 book for general information (super helpful!) and Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child book by Dr. Weissbluth, great concepts that have worked good for Alex. Good luck you're almost there! Here's the link to the research summary: http://www.ktvu.com/videos/news/health-studies-show-blogging-reduces-stress-in-new/vcrJ4/

    Also, I hope your little one is in good position, Alex was breech so if your little one decides to change position you can totally talk to me. I really hope not, but just in case! Good luck!

  13. My belly button is doing the exact same thing!! I keep waiting for it to pop out like a normal person's but the top just keeps folding down! Ha!

    Good luck on your last 5 weeks. You look seriously great!

  14. Hi, Karina. My belly button is doing the exact same thing. My hubby even made a comment about it.

    I love your dress btw. Can you please tell me where you got it? I need more dresses for this California heat.

    1. Haha oh the belly button days! I was afraid it would never go back in at the end! Thank you sweet girl! I actually just got it at motherhood maternity but added a cute mustard cardigan to make it cuter! So check there! I think they had it again this year! xoxo

  15. You look adorable! Where'd you get that cute little dress from? I need one for a wedding and most maternity dresses are....bla