Texas Baby Shower.

 I was asked by the sweet lady in my ward who threw my 
baby shower what the babies room theme was.
I told her animals and I had a sign that said "Baby Gone Wild".
 She completely brought it to life.
She is so darling!
 She and her daughter made all these headbands and hats for everyone to wear.
HOW cute is that!?
The games..
My darling good friend Chelsea.
 My mother in law, Chris (who threw my shower- how cute is her animal outfit!),
and my mother in laws best friend Kristi.
 Everyone was so so sweet! I wish I had a picture of everyone!
I felt so spoiled! Thank you thank you!!
The menu for the food! How cute is that!?
and the 2 masterminds behind it all!
They are the sweetest! Thank you thank you!
They even had animals in their pool. ha so so cute.
My sweet Aunt Patti.
Thank you to everyone who came and special thanks to our good friend Chris.
You are incredible!
Our little one is so loved already! We are so blessed!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. So cute! I love the animal theme! We were just picking out themes for our sweet boy due in november and ended up going with the "animal parade" theme. It's so much fun!!!

    1. Awww! Such a cute fun theme! You will love it! Ah! Our little ones won't be too far apart! xoxo

  2. Karina! You are darling & I am so excited for you! This is so crazy that you are in the Woodlands! I have known Chris & Lizanne pretty much my whole life! They are the best. How cute is this shower?! SOO FUN :)

    1. What a small world! Oh my goodness! You and your husband should move here! We would love to have more friends! ha seriously! Thank you so much- you will be in my same spot soon:) xoxo

  3. Wow! Chris and Lizanne out did themselves. What a fantastic shower!

  4. That shower is so cute!!! But I wouldn't expect anything less from those Dernick women :) Please tell Lizann I said hi! I haven't seen or heard from her in so long!

    1. I will definitely tell them for you! What a small world! P.s. you used to live in like one of my favorite neighborhoods to drive through on the lake! Aaron told me! SOOO beautiful!!!!

  5. It looks like your shower was a blast! It was so cute!! :] Baby showers are the best!!