Friday Tangents.. and a confession.

#1. You know Karina has parked the car when you come out of the grocery store to this parking job hahahaha
My husband and I took seperate cars and met at the grocery store yesterday.
Picture courtesy of my husband.
Parking has never been my strong suit but that's pretty bad.
He was so embarrassed.
#2. The never ending life of a bubba gump souvenir cup.
I got this cup in HAWAII at bubba gumps a couple MONTHS ago and it is seriously still flashing.
what the heck!?
Aaron and I both wonder if it will ever die.
We came home from work yesterday and the blue light freaked me out when we walked in our kitchen because we had left the cabinet opened!
It wont turn off, or on, the button doesn't work!
it just goes on when it feels like- and will stay on for hours- and then turn off.
#3. Powell family workout.
I had gone on a run yesterday morning, but Aaron was going to lift last night and asked me if the babes and I wanted to join. Why not get buffer today!? hahah
So I joined and we did P90X 2 shoulders and arms.
Very first exercise- ha I don't think so Tony!
No table top for me! (trust me pregnant girls do not attempt)
You know there has to be something wrong when I look like this when I lift my 5 pounders-
and my husband looks like this.
The very best part of the workout was getting to lay there and watch my husband do ab ripper.
I am realizing I only have another month of "Not doing abs" excuse-
So I better soak it all in while I can.
#4. Um pretty sure my husband and I have been counting down the days.
What will be on TV every night in our house starting tonight.
#5. Have you seen the new thing at red mango?!
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade!? You better believe I convinced my husband to take me to get you TODAY!
#5. These came to my phone today on my baby ap. hahaha thought I would share.

Story of my life.
thank you little one.

#6. Have you ever tried putting a can of Diet soda with a cake mix??
It totally works.
My mother in law and I tried it with a can of cherry zup-
beware that it makes the cupcakes a little strawberry looking because of the color. ha
No oil, no eggs, just diet soda and the mix!
#7. What my husband and I are currently hooked on!
Have you ever seen it!?
I have a confession...
I couldn't sleep last night- I was up until 3 AM
So what do I do while my husband is sleeping like a baby?
I had an intense craving for fruitloops.
So I went downstairs at 2 AM and had a cup of fruitloops..

(our bowls were all washing in the dishwasher)
Actually like 3 cups of fruitloops.
Karina fail.
I think it woke me up even more with the sugar.
oh well, it was worth it.

Happy happy Friday!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. You are SO cute! I love Fruit Loops too :). Your parking job cracked me up...I'm a terrible parker myself so I can't talk!

  2. Haha I can't believe you left your car like that! Soo funny. You are awesome to still be working out. I couldn't get myself off the couch at that stage in pregnancy!

  3. Nice work with the P90x! I can't wait to start running again after baby. I was so sick for the first few months that I lost my mojo and I'm afraid to start up again. I'm sure your cups of fruit loops (sounds yummy!) were cancelled out by your workouts. Have more! :)

  4. Seriously you're my hero for working out at this stage in your pregnancy. I have decided I'll just read/look at your prego work out pics and I'll wear work out clothes while doing it. Lol! And to be honest I don't really see anything wrong with your parking ... To me it looks like you are legit in both lines. No biggie. Lol! And I 100% understand the random late night cravings, I've woken up a few times and made myself a few bowls of cereal, maybe a piece of toast and butter, or even a quick quesadilla! Lol! Oh the joys of being pregnant!

    1. Oh my goodness- haha You are such a sweetheart! I modify lots of things- ha trust me!! Thank you on the parking!- good thing someone else understands me, I thought i was fine too!!
      Toast and quesadilla- oh yum. I might be having one... in about 20 minutes ha thank you.

  5. Ha loved this! I am awful at parking my car too and I get teased for it all the time.
    I love watching my husby do ab ripper too. Usually I sit on the couch and eat ice cream while he does it lol

  6. Three cheers for watching the olympics every day :) hahahaha your parking job is brilliant!

  7. HA HA! Love the parking job :) My husband definitely would've been embarrassed as well! Why are the so proud of their parking jobs, anyway?
    I still look up to you SO much for all the working out you do! I can barely run a mile now... so pathetic! But I'm still spinning strong, thank goodness I can get in a couple good workouts during the week :)
    And I'm on a HUGE cereal kick! I usually have 2 bowls a day.

  8. P.S. Which baby app is that? I want it, ha ha.

  9. I was talking to one of our midwives at work the other day and she was telling me that when one of her pregnant girls has put on a few extra pounds she knows it's because of the cereal! Haha, she says everyone craves it