Say hello to my little basketball.
this was taken when I was approximately 32.75 weeks.
We went in for our 33 week appointment today!
So exciting.
His little heartbeat was loud and strong.
We have one more 2 week appointment (@ 35 weeks)  and then we go in every week until he decides to come!
I am feeling so tired these days.
My back aches if I am up on my feet for too long,
sleeping is a battle,
(my husband is a sweetheart for putting up with it all ha)
but other than that, I have been so lucky to feel good up until this point!

I can still run!
I can't believe I have made it this far!
5 miles is the longest run I have gone on in 3 weeks.
While I was in Utah, my mom and I ran 5 miles pretty much every other day.
I got used to the flat running in texas (meaning no hills)
Up by our cabin, the hills are huge and it's a little.. ok  A LOT harder haha
Aaron and I and both our parents went on a few 5 mile runs through the hills.
My poor in laws have never lived by hills or altitude,
so I'm sure it was a shock to their body.
They did so awesome.
My mom and I went on really long walks on the "off "days.
I loved having a running partner for 3 weeks.
There were times we had to stop for a minute and walk because of little cramps I had,
and we had to run in circles around a bathroom at a park one day
because I just had to go every 15 minutes. haha
I haven't run since last Friday...
Between then and now we hit 33 weeks,
ha and it seems to get harder each time we hit another week.
So we will see how this week goes.

I haven't had any huge cravings lately.
I still love mangos and corn on the cob.
In Utah I had at least 2 otterpops a day haha
I love cheese pizza. (yes just cheese and lots of marinara sauce) Oh my goodness..
And I still love my graham crackers and milk.

Little one has the hiccups at least once a day.
Poor little guy.
Sometimes they last almost 10 minutes.
Aaron is convinced he is trying to break out,
he is crazy!
He is constantly doing flips or practicing his kicking skills
because he moves 24/7.
He is gaining approximately .5 pounds a week and is now 4.5 pounds- (like carrying a pineapple in your belly) and 17.5 inches long!

I enjoyed my first rocker.
My mom bought me my first rocker for Aaron and I's room at the cabin,
I could sit in that thing all day long!
I am excited to buy one for our house!- best thing ever!

Aaron and I are getting so excited.
I get giddy thinking about him coming.
It's becoming so real.
(p.s. a happy 26th birthday to my sweet husband and very best friend!!- post to come)
I have to tell you labor scares me,
but excites me at the same time.
I started hanging up all his little clothes,
and we are getting his room ready.
I can't wait to post pictures.
Tonight we start birthing classes.
(pictures to come)
Let me tell you how excited my husband is hahahaha
We feel so blessed.
I cannot wait to hold my baby!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I seriously couldn't read this post without commenting on how cute you are! I dunno how many times I can say this lol but we are excited for you! Not to long now and you will have that lil babe in your arms! :)

    1. Awww You seriously are the sweetest! We miss you two! and we are so thrilled! I cannot wait until our little one has a playmate! ha you tell derek! xoxo

  2. How exciting!! And you look great! That is awesome you can still run. When I get pregnant I will be lucky if I can walk at 32 weeks :)

    1. Oh goodness, you are so sweet. you will surprise yourself and be doing jumping jacks at 32 weeks!:) xoxo

  3. You look amazing for how pregnant you are! :) so cute! I am so excited for you!


    1. Awww thank you! You are so sweet. we are so so thrilled! love your disneyland post. oh my goodness we are obsessed!

  4. karina. cutest pregnant person i've ever seen. i don't even know how you want to do your hair every morning! can't wait to see your lil BABY!!! mwah!

    1. Oh gosh, you are so sweet. I miss you! Please next time you are in Houston let me know! Lets shop and go out to eat!? You need to show me where you find your amazing outfits! and i'm sure my husband would love to meet your bf:) xo!

  5. Do you have the baby's room ready??!

    1. Almost! Well, we have to pick up the crib from pottery barn this weekend... but we have all the decorations, bedding and clothes, ha so it's just putting it all together. ah so exciting.

  6. I decided you should make maternity workout dvds! I would totally use them even when I'm not preggers. You are just adorable and I hope I look like you when I've got a bun in the oven!

  7. i love the rocker your mom got... where did she get it?

    1. Thank you thank you! I think she got it at a furniture store called Drexel Heritage. not sure if it's everywhere, but it's the nicest furniture store. I love it. p.s. miss you!

  8. Where is that top from?! It's darling!

    1. Hi cute girl! It's actually just from Marshalls! -I know! I wish I could help more! It's not even maternity, it just stretched and I wore it as the weeks went on! It was perfect for a growing belly!!!