We are just a little excited....

To announce that our family will be growing by 2 little feet!!!
Soon to be sharing the hugs, the loves, and the balloon,
Baby #2 is on its way!!


Yes. It's so true. #2 is coming!!
Ryan is moving up to "BB" (big brother) status and he doesn't even know what is going to hit him!
Ha he is in for ONE big surprise!
The king will have to share his throne!

But we are seriously so excited I could cry all over again.

We found out I was pregnant around Christmas time when I was about 5 weeks along.
I was feeling a little off (nauseous while running, tired, etc.) and decided why not take a test?!
My cycle isn't always that regular so when I missed my period, I didn't think too much of it.
My husband ended up buying me 3 tests and I took all of them haha.
(can you ever just take one test and trust it? I'm in denial that's possible)

If you followed my first pregnancy, Yes, I was totally the one that said 
"Remind me to never be 9 months pregnant in Houston summer again",
Well... here I am. Ready to take the heat baby!
Due in August in the 210 degree humid summer.:)
 Talk about living by the pool.

Fun fact: I am due THE exact original day Ryan was due.
Seriously crazy and a little weird ha
Here's to hoping this babe doesn't come on Ryan's second birthday.
With our luck, it totally will, you just watch.

Onto the more sensitive side of pregnancy.
This pregnancy hit pretty hard and completely wiped me out of commission.
However, I am finally leaving the house a few times a week and starting to feel much much better.

I am 12 weeks, getting out of that nasty first trimester so we are happy campers over here!
The kitchen is finally my friend again and I have eaten cookies every night this week.
And for V-Day tonight my husband told me he would take me out wherever I wanted and buy the whole menu.
I think he is liking my appetite being back ha.

Ryan and I have mastered games and things to do in our bed, while "mommy lays down".
He has been such a little trooper and my husband has been the absolute best.

We told Ryan I was pregnant the day we found out. (like he's going to tell anyone ha)
But we have engrained it into his head so now he will point to my tummy and say "baybee", even if I don't quite have a bump yet haha it will pop sooner or later.
It's the cutest thing.

My husband is 100 percent convinced it's a girl. (maybe because he really wants a girl ha)
I thought Ryan was a girl, ha so I'm a terrible judge, I'm not convinced either way.
This pregnancy has been a lot harder than the last, as far as losing my food ha but who knows if that means anything.
Just a happy healthy baby and I'm good to go!
You know us though, we will find out the gender the second we can:)

I cannot wait to track my pregnancy, workouts, etc. and compare it all to the first.
We are so happy.
Baby #2 we can't wait to meet you!!!!
PS Thanks to everyone for being so excited for us. It makes me so happy. You guys are the sweetest, We seriously feel so blessed!

I love today.
Just making Ryan's first Valentines to deliver to his friends. I'm dying!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Whaooooo! So happy for you! I honestly thought that you might be when I saw you pinning baby things on Pinterest! I can't wait for you! Such happy news! Xoxo

  2. Congratulations to you & your beautiful family!

  3. He is such a handsome boy. I can only imagine your next will be a beautiful girl (or possible another handsome man) congratulations!

  4. Congratulations! I follow your blog and your Instagram and I absolutely love your positive attitude towards life. :) I'm also due with baby #2 in Aug!

  5. Congratulations! Ive been following your blog and instagram and absolutely love your positive outlook on life. I am also due in August with baby#2! :)

  6. Congratulations!! So ironic they have the same due dates! Very excited for your beautiful little family!

  7. Aww congrats! You have such a beautiful family!

  8. We're due at the same time!!! So crazy!! Happy new baby!

  9. Thats such wonderful news, congratulations. Sorry you're having a hard time of it though, here's hoping it all settles for you soon and you feel better. Looking forward to following along for the journey of #2! Congrats xx

  10. Aw that is so exciting! Congratulations! I am so so happy for you, and I can't wait to keep up with your pregnancy!

  11. AWW! How sweet!! Congratulations!! :)

  12. Congrats!!! My two boys are two years and two days apart (March 27, 2011 and March 29, 2013). We are excited for them to grow up sharing birthday weekends together =)

  13. Wohooo! Congratulations! I totally know what you mean with being out of commission, I will find out how far along I am in about a week and a half...still battling the nausea and exhaustion! Congrats on Ryan becoming a big brother!!

  14. I can totally relate on the horrible first trimester thing! Everyone I know tells me that being ultra sick in your first trimester usually means you're having a girl (they were right with me - the fact that I actually had TWIN girls inside of me that whole time probably also helped that diagnosis turn out to be true lol). Hang in there! Glad you're feeling better :)

  15. Congratulations! We are happy for you. Have a wonderful
    pregnacy. xx

  16. Congratulations! We are happy for you. Have a wonderful
    pregnacy. xx

  17. August is going to be a busy month for babies! Me and about 2 other people I know besides you are due then! Congrats!!

  18. Oh my gosh! Yay!! Congratulations!

  19. Congratulations!!!!!!! I am so excited for your beautiful family!!!

  20. Wishing you a huge congratulations!
    I hear you on it being so much harder second time around. I'm 27w and definitely much more exhausted and highlighted symptoms compared to my first.

  21. I am so so so happy for you guys! Just wait until you see them together - your heart will melt into a puddle. Having two is amazing! And you will learn how to multitask like never before!! Ryan will be such a good big brother!!


  22. Congrats!!!! That is so exciting, can't wait to follow your journey of baby #2 on your blog!

  23. Holy crap this is so exciting! I've been waiting for this announcement for a while now ;) Congratulations! Can't wait to follow the new journey of baby #2 :D

  24. Congratulations on Baby #2! Such a cute announcement!!!(:

  25. Congratulations!! I absolutely love your blog! Your family is adorable and it is only going to get cuter!!


  26. Many congrats to you lovely!!! Excited to follow along for round 2! Hope you're feeling back to yourself again super soon!!

  27. We will bare the heat together mama!!! When will you find our gender? Do you want boy or girl ? Praying for healthy mama & baby:) xoxo