So Fresh n' So Clean

I apologize I fell off the face of the earth (literally) for a few weeks, (ok maybe a month)
But, I have good reason. We will talk about it later.

I have said this, and I will probably say it 101 more times.
I am pretty sure I will make my child use baby lotion until he is 15 years old.

Bath time is the best time of the day for multiple reasons.
Bath time means daddy's home.
It means baby's happy.
It means dinner's made.
It means house is semi clean.
It means putting my child in a 4 inch tall mohawk.
And it means one clean, perfect, squeezable baby.

After we get all lotioned up,
 and get a diaper on to dodge the "pee" train,
Ryan's buddy's join in.

This is probably 1/50 th of them. He has so many.

Check out that hair!
Multiple kisses are given.
(by the way, my poor baby got my jeans for sensitive skin. He has had so many eczema issues, (hence the medicine on his arm) been to dermatologists, etc. SO please message me if you mom's have any of the same issues, I have finally found what keeps his skin soft and free from rashes!)

Oh the love.
I'm pretty excited to be back and rolling again,
I have missed it.
and I'm LOVING my new blog design by the darling Jessica Eraso!


Karina Marie Powell


  1. hey Karina,
    my son has terrible skin (eczema), it goes along with his terrible asthma. I never ever put any type of scented bubbles, lotions or anything like that on his skin, it starts to flare up. I use a lotion I get from my docs, but I only use that when he's bad as it's a steroid cream, I love love kiehls lotion, or aveno eczema cream is great, and I use that most days just to keep him a little softer, and I buy that at Walmart!
    You know we think your absence is ... new baby????? that's my guess ;)

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  3. I guess new baby!! :) I'd love to know what you use, I have horrible skin and it is sort of looking like my baby might have inherited it from me!

  4. I was just in a training with Avene yesterday and the rep was telling me about some amazing success stories with little ones and eczema.

  5. What a sweet boy! Clean babies are my FAVORITE. I hope our boys can be well at the same time so they can play soon. I need a play date :)

  6. Naww this is so sweet! I love bath time with my baby girl too. Ever since she was an infant it was a guaranteed happy half hour!! They are just so kissable straight after the bath, even more than every other minute of the day!!! I hope all is well xx

  7. I laughed, because when I think bath time, I think "dad's home!" too!

  8. Love that little one! I can't wait to see him again :)

  9. Cutest blog design!
    Ps. Love the photo of him and all his friends t the end smiling!

  10. Cutest blog design! And that last photo is just beyond darling!

  11. My son's room, looks almost exactly like that too, paint was darker but we had a GIANT girraffe just like yall! So fun!

  12. Love your new blog look :) So I just HAVE to share this story because its amazing, and you brought up eczema... and I literally found the most life-changing products. My little sister has had terrible eczema her whole life and had tried literally everything. I was shopping one day at the mall and came across this new store called "LUSH." I walked in and was immediately blown away at their products. Long story short, I bought two things and gave them to my sister to try out, and within 3 days, her eczema was 100% gone. yes. gone. period. She uses the products everyday and she hasn't had any eczema ever since. I was so impressed with her story that I bought some for my son's really dry skin, and it cleared it up as well. I told my brother about it and he uses it on his daughter who had the same amazing results. The products we use are a lotion bar that is used in the bath, and it's called "King of Skin" and the second is a lotion you put on after the bath and that is called "Dream Cream." Lush is amazing and I love it because it's all organic, handmade, and eco friendly. They use real ingredients, which make it one of the cleanest lotions you can find. No phthalates, parabens, chemicals, etc. Seriously, it has changed my life. Sorry for the long post, I just had to share. And again, love your blog!

  13. I love your new blog look! Have you heard of the company LUSH? We use their lotion bar, "king of skin" and their lotion, "dream cream" and it completely got rid of my sons eczema in a day. I was so impressed, i gave it to my sister and niece and their eczema has completely gone away as well. And my sister had really, really bad eczema... and three days after using it, it was gone and she hasn't had one issue since. I LOVE Lush! Life-changing. (and its super clean stuff... no phthalates, parabens, chemicals, etc... and they use all organic, handmade, real ingredients. Amazing, amazing products.) Anyway, again... love your blog and your gorgeous family!