Top 5 favorite things about being a mommy..

#1. Realizing it's possible to love him more and more every single day.
#2. Having someone to play with all day long.
It's like having a little doll to dress and bathe and feed all day.
He is my best buddy.
#3. Feeling like I have my OWN family.
They are everything to me.
#4. Watching him grow.
Aaron and I can sit and watch him for hours.
The littlest things make us so happy.
He has the funniest faces ever. ha It cracks us up.
He NEVER leaves our sight. ha yes, this is him on the dinner table with us.
#5. Seeing this.
Today he smiled at me.
It melted my whole heart... and yes I cried.
I felt like he knew exactly who I was, I kept saying
"Yes sweetheart, Mamma, I'm your mommy!"
It hit me that I will be his everything.
I will be there when he makes the team, or doesn't make the team,
I will be there to wipe away tears, and to listen, and hold him tight.
I will be there every step of the way.

andddd an added #6... Just when I thought I couldn't love my husband anymore than I already do...
Seeing him be a dad, is the ultimate. I'm so lucky to have these two.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. This is so darling, I can't wait for my own family :)

  2. Aww- how sweet! You guys are just the cutest family :) Ryan seems like such a sweet little man!

  3. Okay... I almost started crying at the end of this... haha

  4. looks like motherhood is really treating you well! and I know that feeling about having your OWN family, I can't wait to feel that one day : )

  5. awhhh:) hes so cute. baby boys are just something so special to moms! isn't it the best to have someone with you all day long!?

  6. Ryan is so incredibly handsome! You took my feelings and put them to words in this post. So perfectly said.

    Today my house is a mess and I'm feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. While I was holding my infant and getting lunch on the table, he suddenly smiled at me. REALLY SMILED! And he kept on smiling. These little guys are amazing. They know just how to lift their mama's spirits.

    1. Aww that made my day! Yes, Cutest thing ever. It makes it ALL worth it! Love your cute little family!

  7. This is so incredible! You guys are the cutest parents and I couldn't be happier for you!

  8. You don't even look like you've had a baby! You look beautiful though :)