A few Wednesday Tangents and some expressions from Ryan.

No matter how much he was up in the night,
or how tired I am,
waking up to this never fails to make me smile.
He's the sweetest thing... ESPECIALLY in the mornings.
I'm convinced he is like that on purpose each morning to make me forget everything that just happened in the last 6 hours:)

I now watch the news each day like a real mom.
I watch the Today show each morning,
and good morning america.
(along with an occasional E News haha)
I have never felt so informed about the world (and celeb life)

I didn't know that breastfeeding would make you so hungry.
Here I thought I was hungry pregnant.
haha that was NOTHING!
Pregnancy was the easy part;)
I'm sure Ryan loves when I indulge in 3000 calories per day,
making his milk extra tasty:)

I am trying lots of new recipes now that I'm home!
I actually have dinner on the table each night for Aaron.
Expect recipes to come on the blog, because I think I have found a new love for cooking.

Ryan loves to pull my hair.
He has the grip of a body builder.
Seriously, he won't let go.

How beautiful is she!?
I can't believe my little sister is in high school now.
where has the time gone!?

Ryan is the best (and cutest) nap buddy ever.
Ever Ever.

We live for when daddy comes home.
Because it's just me and my baby,
and I don't have anyone else to talk to in my house,
I talk Ryan's ear off all day.
poor kid.
He's a really good listener:)

"Revenge" season 2 starts September 30th.
Aaron and I are ecstatic.
If you want a good show to watch... I would recommend it!

This is Ryan's Favorite onsie.

Now for some Ryan faces.
I guarantee if you came to my house and just watched his faces for 20 minutes,
you would be entertained.
oh you know, he's just singin to me.
 "Seriously mom"
"dad i don't understand you."
"oh hey ladies"
"Don't even think about it dad"
"Mom, I've had it with tummy time!!"
2 seconds after the scream we pick him up..
Mr. angel face.. like nothing ever happened.

Happy 4 weeks to my little sweetheart!
Ryan had his 4 week old birthday this week.
We partied by having tummy time as a whole family,
and giving him extra kisses.;)
I apologize most (ALL) of my tangents have to do with my sweet baby,
but my life now revolves around him,
it's hard not to overflow you with pictures of him.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Hey Karina!
    Okay, so I read your cute blog all the time!! I met you like a year ago at the 10 for TX. My hubby and I went to high school with Aaron. Don't know if you remember. But...your little babe is so precious! What a handsome little guy! You have a beautiful family! Congratulations on being a mommy! It truly is the best!
    Meghan Huntsman
    (I have a blog too but I rarely update it. It's terrible, I need to get better.) :-)

    1. Meghan! You are such a sweetheart! Of course I remember you! (and your darling baby!) thank you so much, we are loving figuring it all out as parents:) I love love love being a mommy... ha i'm still getting the sleep thing down, but it will come! I want your blog address! I would love to follow you!- You have the cutest little family!
      P.s. are you still in the woodlands?? We need to get together!! I'm sure Aaron would love to see your husband!

  2. I love this! your little boy is so cute and makes me so excited for whenever my little one decides to come into this world! But seriously he is going to be a little heart breaker. :)

  3. Yes, share recipes. It is nice finding a recipe that real people actually liked and not just from a book or whatever.

  4. Haha the "dad I don't understand you look" made me laugh so much! He's soo cute! And never fear all of my posts are about Alex haha

  5. I am glad you can make homemade dinner, your husband will really appreciate it!

  6. Ryan is soooo handsome! What a cute kid. It sounds like you are a natural momma--adjusting to it like a pro. My baby is 6 weeks old now and you put my dinner routine to shame. :)

  7. so cute! looks like he's going to grow up to be a real charmer!!

    morgan at quitetheblog.com

  8. He is darling and you are gorgeous lady! I'm with you on the new love for cooking...I've never had time for it until now and I LOVE it!