A day in the life of Ryan and I.

Good morning my little Sunshine.
First, Notice a couple things about this picture-
1.  Notice the t-shirt onsie?? Ryan always goes to sleep in a cute sleeper, but at about 3 AM, sometimes he decides to have a little blow out or spit up, and mommy is too tired to put another cute sleeper on, so he rocks the hospital onsie they gave him.
2. Notice our bed sheets are off our mattress and in the wash. I made the mistake of changing his diaper on our bed last night and Ryan decided to pee all over our sheets as soon as I took his diaper off.
Haha daddy woke up to a nice surprise at 3 AM.

I wake up to this darling face at a promp 6:30 or 7 AM.
Hungry and ready to eat..
(This is his mommy feed me face...)
(it's only been 3 hours since his last feeding, don't let this fool you into thinking he has slept through the night)
Once you see that face, I have to act fast or he tries to start eating my fingers.
After he is fed...
he is one happy little camper.
I "goo" and "gah" with him, and it melts my little heart.
We cuddle in bed for another 30 minutes.
 Then... Ry and I have TUMMY TIME.
Ryan LOVES tummy time...
But be careful, he will scream if you leave him there for too long.
He gets frustrated that he cant get up.
His pediatrician told me I should have tummy time with him every day, 
and that it's good for his neck muscles to strengthen them. 
He is getting stronger! So we are tummy time believers.
 Ryan usually gets worn out after 5 minutes of tummy time ha and it's time for his nap.
So we go on a walk every day for an hour while he naps.
He's the best stroller sleeper.
As soon as I stick him in that thing, he is out.
It's a miracle worker.
No one knows how, but Ryan ALWAYS only has one sock on.
Seriously, we don't know how it happens but he is always missing a sock.
I keep an extra sock in my diaper bag because I think he loses a sock a day.
He really does live the life I tell you.
I mean, look at that face.
Good morning to me as well.
I'm surprised I look that awake after a night like last night.
On our walk, Ryan is always trying to poke his feet out the bottom of the stroller.
I'm convinced he is trying to tan his legs.

As soon as we get home from our walk, it's a rush to the shower for me while he's still asleep
(because he will wake up hungry as a bear)
 otherwise, a shower might not happen for the day.
My getting ready buddy.
He usually wakes up and I feed him half way through getting ready so he helps me finish up:)
(Don't be fooled, Most days sweats go back on... I did get ready for my doctors appointment though)

Then comes Bath Time for little one.
 I don't think you could love bath time more than Ryan.
Look at that face.
Basking in the tub being massaged.
What a life.
He loves when I scrub his hair.
It's heaven on earth for him.

Then Ryan gets his hair combed
and we pick out his outfit for the day, 
(sometimes we change onsies 2 times because I can't decide which one he should wear)
This is usually the time where he cries because of too much kissing.
He smells so sweet and it melts my little heart.
So I kiss him about a 101 times.

Time for another feeding.
I don't know if you have noticed but Ryan has a little mullet going on.
Like his daddy says,
"business in the front, party in the back"

By this time, I'm exhausted..
So I cuddle up in my big bed with Ryan, and we nap for a couple hours.

Sometimes we make it out of the house for errands... but most days we just cuddle in bed.

Daddy usually comes home around dinner to wake us both up.
They have "ESPN" watching time..(every night.. I'm already outnumbered)
It's Ryans favorite part of the day. 
 Look at that face..
He's in heaven.
He doesn't leave Aaron's arms all night.
We spend the night as a family of 3 watching the faces Ryan can make in a 30 second period of time.
He ALMOST smiled for the first last night and it was like Christmas morning in our house.

Pretty soon its bed time and instead of telling Ryan
"Good night sweetheart Mommy loves you, I will see you in the morning"
   I tell him....
"good night sweetheart, mommy loves you, see you in 3 hours to eat:)"

I couldnt love my little family more.
and my sweet little one... is absolutely perfect.
Life has never been sweeter
I love being his mommy.

P.s. This week he turns 3 weeks old.
I think I'm going to have a little party for him.
I dont want him to grow up!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Awwwwww he is SUCH a precious little guy! And you are doing an amazing job at being his mommy!

  2. My little one is a month tomorrow, it goes by way to fast!

    1. Awww your little one is so darling! They grow ip way too fast! Fun that they are only a week and a half apart!

  3. Ok, you seriously look amazing. Are you sure you had a baby? ;) Ryan is absolutely precious!

  4. you already look like you didn't have a baby woman! haha great pictures! He is a doll!

  5. So precious! He is adorable & you two make absolutely beautiful parents! Glad you are loving mommy time!


  6. You look great and your family is just darling!! Glad to hear you're loving the newborn stage and things are going well!!

  7. You look great and Ryan is the CUTEST!!!

  8. So cute! Love how you already take him on walks!