Wednesday Randoms.

It's cool, most days I feel like a cow.
Cutting down on breastfeeding these days is painful.
My body produces enough milk to feed an army.
If you don't believe me open my freezer door.
Year supply of milk.

My sweet baby will only sleep with an animal right next to his face.
His favorite of the week is this darling little elephant.
I have finally gotten over the fact that he CAN breathe even though you can never see his face.

March Madness has begun,
which means basketball will be on every night in the Powell home.
(here we go again)
Saying my husband is obsessed could be an understatement.
You better believe I filled out a bracket and HE is determined to beat me this year.
(It took me approximately 30 seconds to fill out my online bracket, and took my husband about 20 minutes.)
Get ready for some really good advice.
*The key to winning is setting a timer and filling it out in under 30 seconds with 0 thinking involved.*
It works every time.
You can thank me later when you win!

Ryan's happy place.
Sucking his socks.
Don't we all wish we could be this flexible forever.

Ryan loves his room.
He gets so happy on his changing table.
Who knows why!?
But he kicks and kick and kicks.
Which makes it almost impossible to change his diaper.

One of my favorite things is watching these baby feet kick and kick on our walk.
I'm obsessed.

80+ degrees in Houston calls for the sailor hat.
It's already starting to get really warm some days and I am getting nervous for summer.
Lots of swimming, red mango, and a trip or two to Utah is key to surviving Houston summers.
Happy Wednesday!!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. My girlfriend had a similar situation with nursing. She learned that you body keeps making the milk if you keep pumping. It'll be uncomfortable for a bit, but just pump an once or two after nursing and your body will adjust and quit making so much milk. That'll free up time some time for you and your little one and hopefully make you feel less like a cow :)

  2. I shall take your advice when I fill out my bracket today!

  3. Ryan is so stinkin' cute! I love his sailor hat! I need to find something like that for Holland! And I have only pumped a few times because Holland REFUSES to take a bottle. I can't imagine how much more milk I would be producing if I were pumping! Haha. I'm sure it would make me feel like a cow too though! Haha. That is awesome that you can save it all up though! Also, isn't it just the cutest thing when babies suck on their toes/socks?! It cracks me up! Happy Wednesday!

  4. Goodness I know what you mean, but yep your milk is all about demand and supply, do not pump the extra milk or your body will produce more. In a couple of days your body will adjust to just the amount sweet Ryan needs. Our bodies are wonderful!

  5. oh i LOVE Ryan in that last pic! what a cutie!

    & we looooove March Madness at our house too :)

  6. I've been pumping after each feeding, Roman will be 3 weeks on Monday and I have already seen an increase in my milk supply. My only thing is how do I get Ro' to feed on a schedule?

  7. I think we have the same pump! I feel like a milk cow too...haha. But at least we have an oversupply..better than the alternative. Our boys are gettin' plenty :).

    Ry is SO cute in that hat!! I wanna squeeze him!

  8. that pic of him with the elephant may be my new fav.

    maybe theres a place you can donate the milk? i think my friend erin did that.

  9. I know this is so weird...but I had a friend do it. She sold her extra milk and people wanted it!! AHH. I don't know if I would do it but she did it and made money!!! ha.

  10. I was reading this blog post the day I was to fill out and turn in my NCAA bracket at my boyfriend's work. I was having a hard time until I read your suggestion about filling it out as fast as I could -- which I did. And, like you said I would, I must thank you! I dominated that bracket. I actually had Duke winning against Michigan in the final, but I had so many points that I can't be beat. Thanks goes to you :)