A big reason to Celebrate.

You know your going to have a good weekend when you start with this.
Sent the babe to grandmas and had a perfect Thursday evening with the hubs!

 We met daddy for lunch on Friday.
Mr. Ryan is really trying to make himself known and in the middle of saying "BABABABA"

After our Friday pizza night we took the babes out on a walk through the park,

and watched the most beautiful sunset.
I'm a sucker for a good sunset.

Working out is hard to look forward to MOST days.
EXCEPT for Saturdays.
I look forward to it all week, I love runs with these two.
Ryan is such a little trooper.

Ladies, you know true love,
when your husband takes you shopping during March Madness.
Good thing he can watch the games live on his phone while I'm in the dressing room! He's a keeper!

We made a run to Marshalls- one of my favorite Saturday stops.
You can find such good deals!
I found a baby Juicy swimsuit. 
Oh my gosh. I don't even have a daughter and I
almost convinced my husband to buy it for me.

My number one favorite stop of a Saturday is our Red Mango run.
Even though I get the same thing every time, there is NO WAY I could ever pass up the sample cups!
Might be my favorite part.
P.S. I LOVE my Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack diaper bag. Best thing ever.

Ryan gets so excited for Red Mango he immediately tries to grab it from me.

Patience little one! I will feed you some!

The only thing that makes Red Mango better is some cute polkadot shoes from J-Crew.

We decided on Chipotle for dinner and it was the best choice we ever did make.
Ryan was in heaven as well. He even tried a bite or two of my guacamole and loved it.
He is definitely our baby. It's in his DNA to love avocados.

Daddy is so much more fun than mommy when he feeds me!

We celebrated all weekend and even sang happy birthday to this peanut... 3 times.
Just wait for your real birthday! ha

At the ripe age of 7 months old- Ryan-
Sits up all day every day.
Has mastered the fake cough and pouty face.
Talks our ears off with "BABA" I'm am praying for the day you change the B to M. I will cry with joy!
Could live of sweet potatoes and bananas.
Sleeps from 8:30 PM to 7 AM Double hallelujah!
Smiles and smiles and giggles all around!
Such a happy baby.

Oh the day when I can bake you a big cake to eat!
You grow way too fast baby!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Happy 7 months to your perfect little one. I LOVE red mango too! IT's a good thing there's not one right by house or we might be in trouble :)

    Cute shoes, too! WHen you get ready to retire those, I'll be here :)

  2. Aww...sounds like a fun little weekend. Can't believe your baby is already 7 months old...he's growing up so fast :) U have an adorable family...too cute!

  3. so fun! i see you have the aprica stroller system...how have you guys liked it so far, and would you recommend it? i bought one yesterday since it was on clearance but they didn't have any floor models to test drive so i'm not sure how it drives and everything!

  4. so fun! i see you guys have the aprica stroller system...how do you like it and would you recommend it? i bought it yesterday because it was such a good deal on clearance, but they didn't have any floor models for me to test drive...!

    1. Hi cute girl! Yes we really like it! It's a little heavy compared to some others I have seen, but it has been awesome and it's pretty easy to maneuver. So exciting about your little one! AHH!

  5. Happy 7 months to sweet Ryan!! That red mango looks deliiiiiish! And I love that he's mastered the fake cough :) he wants mommy's attention all the time I'm sure! Obsessed with your J.Crew flats too....I need those!

  6. I am so happy that you found my blog, because it led me to find yours!! okay, your baby is the CUTEST baby boy i've ever seen!!!! so so precious! and my husband totally remembers you! he was like "she has a BABY???" hahaha! so fun! can't wait to read more :D


  7. I love your blog so much! You seriously have the cutest shoes! Where do you find your cute flats besides J Crew? Thanks! I appreciate it very much!