Baby's best friend.

Melt my heart. and then melt it again.

Ryan has a unhealthy obsession with dogs.
He will scream if he sees one. Literally Squeal with excitement. At the top of his lungs.
It's pretty cute and then it just gets really loud!
*Picture this: I am running, he is chillin in the BOB and 100 feet away comes a dog.
He starts squealing and screaming until we STOP and see the dog.
So naturally, I ask a complete stranger if Ryan can touch their dog.
Which is not weird at all?
The dog licks Ryan from head to toe and he is as happy as a bumble bee.
(added in that we get a long bath when we get home, who knows where that dog has been)

So I know he is totally going to beg me for a real one, one day...
(and he will really really really have to beg trust me)
But until then,
Say hello to Spot.
Thanks to my in-laws and Ryan turning 1, we have ourselves a lifesize puppy that doesn't leave our sight.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Aw, this is adorable!

  2. Ryan and Sophia can totally be best friends because she is the EXACT same way about dogs.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. That is just about the sweetest thing in the world! You'll definitely have a little beggar on your hands! Haha.

  4. So cute! My mom didn't let us get a puppy until I graduated high school...we just bought one and surprised her! So don't hold him back from getting one!! They are so fun and the best way to teach children how to be responsible. And there are so many different kinds of breeds that can fit your family...ours is a "Schnorkie" (half yorkshire terrior, half schnauzer). She doesn't shed, she is so good with kids, she matches our personalities so well, and when you are tired she will lay right by you and if you want to get up and play she is go for it anytime!

  5.!!!! Love the black and white:) fave colors!

  6. Awww! This is adorable! My husband and I have to get rid of our kitty because our landlords found out we had one - oops. Maybe I need a stuffed kitty!

  7. oh my goodness! That is too cute! What an adorable picture! That's a keeper. I love how he squeals when he sees a dog. ha. too funny :)