These last 2 weeks....

We sent this babe to grandmas because my in-laws surprised me with tickets to my favorite broadway on earth to start off our anniversary celebration!
Wicked came to HOUSTON!
Sweetest in-laws ever.
Aaron has seen it a few times with me and is a really good sport with my obsession:)
(I'm convinced he secretly loves it!)

We googled authentic Italian pizza (I think I would die without google) and found the most incredible pizza place downtown Houston.

It was the perfect night.
 A thank you to my wonderful in-laws who watched the babe for most of the weekend while we continued to celebrate with a little splurge shopping and lots of really good food:) 
It was the best.
3 years down and It's been one incredible ride.
You are the sweetest and I'm so lucky to call you mine!
Love you always!

After one really really good weekend I headed to Utah with the little one.
Stepping off the plane and seeing these mountains made me pretty happy.

Matching your 15 year old sister is pretty cool. Thanks momma:)

I taught Ryan his first piano lesson.

and we went swimming.
I loved having a running buddy every day- My mom is the best.

Ryan started giving grandpa lots of kisses,
My hair was past my waist- length wise so I got a much much much needed hair cut, (which of course is really important for you to know ha)
and we went to the parade of homes and found one house that had a room dedicated just for yoga.
My siblings thought that was pretty sweet so they did "namaste"

And then Utah became even better when this guy showed up.
He takes jumping on the tramp to a new level.

Then my family had a really really happy day.
I have 2 brothers out on church missions and one of them came home from MEXICO CITY!

My sister and I take our sign making pretty seriously.
We had about 9 of those.
Pretty sure we were too busy crying to have anything but "before seeing him come down the escalator" pictures.
My aunt photographed the whole thing and I can't wait to see them!
But, I do have a picture of the very first place we went with our missionary!

We have missed you CAFE RIO.
My darling brother met Ryan for the first time and Ryan instantly loved him.

Then my fam headed up to our cabin in Heber 
and we spent a good chunk of time in the pool.
My little water fish lover!

My family was just convinced that Ryan would know how to play the piano before leaving Utah,
Because they practiced with him every day.

Okay total side note but this ranks up there with my favorite things about being home-
Talk about cereal heaven.
Aaron and I could live off cereal.

I love Utah summers with all of my heart!

Oh to be little and chill in your diaper outside!
What a life little one!
And I love my siblings.
I cannot wait until December 2014 when brother #2 gets home and we will all be together again.

Watching sunsets from our back porch is one of my favorite things in the world.
Prettiest ever.

The trip just kept getting better because look who flew to Utah!?
My in-laws got there for the weekend and we went straight to our backyard to roast smores and listen to my brothers crazy stories from his mission.

Lets talk about the worst photographer in the world.- me.
It was dark and I couldn't see what I was taking a picture of.
Hence cutting off my father-in-laws head (sorry!)
and the flash was way too bright for 10 PM so sorry for the closed eyes.

But it really was the best weekend.

Okay so I just have to point out a few things.
We went to Costco several times while we were there, just because we had to keep getting more food ha and I discovered two things.
NUTELLA- Are you kidding me!?
Who needs a 250 ounce can!? I actually don't know the ounces of that thing- but it was obviously a lot.

And Reeses Puffs, where have you been all my life?!
Costco was giving out samples and I found my new favorite 8 PM snack. I have been in heaven.

My sweet grandparents gave Ryan his very first birthday present before we left.

And he was pretty excited about it.

I'm so lucky to have a family that makes it so hard to say goodbye!
Miss you all already! xoxo

We did catch the stomach flu on the way home,
haha anndd we don't have to bring that plane ride up ever again.
It was a really really LONG 3 hours.
But we made it back to Houston safe and sound,

and we are living up our last week of summer before this guy goes back to school next week.
I'm not ready for you again law school!
But we don't have to talk about it until Monday comes along;)

Mr. Ryan turns ONE next week.
I have no idea where this past year has gone.
It's okay, I've cried!
My baby is growing up!

So until then,
sneak peek at what will be consuming my time:)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Looks like a lovely vacation and happy anniversary.
    Ryan is just the cutest happiest little guy.

  2. I love the matching sister outfits! So funny but so cute! Your little boy is such a doll and you seriously have the most beautiful family!

  3. I have a 9pm snack every night! That time comes around and I need something yummy to eat!

  4. Resses Puffs. I know, right? I'm sorry you didn't know about them before, they're my favorite "treat-cereal" haha. When I get a box I eat them for breakfast and snack, and later snack...and the box does not last very long.
    So excited to see you and PSYCHED for that adorable little one's par.tee! look how cute that stuff is!

  5. Such fun pictures! Your family is gorgeous and the cabin is beautiful!! Looks like a perfect trip!!

  6. Tell Jaren I say WELCOME HOME!
    So excited for my favorite Wood family!


  7. What a perfect 2 weeks! Someday when you come to Utah we WILL meet up :)
    Where in Mexico did your brother serve? Eric served Mexico City North!