My 1 year old!!!

You guys, I officially have a 1 year old!!!!
My baby is growing up!
And on a serious note,
Talk about the best thing that ever happened to us.
He is just the sweetest thing I ever did see.
My STILL toothless little love boat had a pretty good birthday.
He got more presents then I have ever received on a birthday in my life,
ok just kidding, but seriously.
He is slightly spoiled.
What else is new?
(I bribe him with crackers- didn't mean to get those in the picture ha)
Because he has been so so sick lately,
he took a step backwards in the walking department.
He just speed crawls. It's cool.
But literally speed crawls. This kid can move I tell you.
My husband totally had a "race night" and pretended to be a track coach and timed him to see how fast he could go from one side of the room to the other.

He says "ball","mamma", and "dadda".
Go figure.

Oh and he is a pretty good dancer when music comes on.

You, little one, have taken us on one emotional rollercoaster of parenthood,
and it's truly been the best year yet.
We love you handsome boy! (more than you will ever know)

(Ok, Truth be told,
my mother-in-law and I may or may not have gone a bit overboard with his first birthday party,
but hey, you only turn one once right!?

 After weeks (and weeks) of planning, my husband was like...
"Babe, are all our kids birthday parties going to be like this? 
If that's what you want it's completely fine, ha I just want to know if I should go ahead and gear up now for the future parties..."
Me: "Um." No comment.

Next post will be a complete detailed DIY baby golf "par-tee"!)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Can't believe he is 1 already...I feel like he was just born! LOVE LOVE LOVE the golf themed party. We did Connor's nursery in a golf theme with navy, lime green and white!

  2. Looks like he had a great birthday! He's such a cutie & I can't wait to see all the pictures from his "par-tee." What a cute idea!

  3. So sweet =) I think it's cute you go to the extra effort, I'm just not as creative so I stick with simple, so it's fun to see these cute things you do with your son. ;) He's growing up! He's going to be a stud ;)

  4. He's so stinkin' cute. happy birthday, little love.

  5. Your Ryan and MY Abbigail were born on the same day! I can't believe how fast time has past! I'm not ready for my baby to grow up! Ryan looks so adorable as usual! Can't wait to see the details of his par-tee!

  6. SO precious!!! I love the party theme and Ry looks like a little doll. Can't believe he's already one (and Bear is 3 months behind him :( ). Why do they grow so fast?! Can't wait to see more party pics!

  7. I cannot get over how freaking cute he is! Love the theme and glad he is feeling better! Happy First Birthday!

  8. that's so crazy!!! He sure is a stinkin cute 1 year old! Happy brithday!

  9. He's so adorable. The party was the cutest.