Fit Friday: My most favorite healthy pizza dough

Ok lets first get one thing straight.
I am in love with pizza.
Sometimes I dream about a really good pizza (my obsession is that bad) hahaha

Ask my husband. 
If I could, I would eat it multiple times a week.
Every Friday night is Pizza night at our house.
And it's most definitely my favorite night of the week.

Only usually we don't go out to eat pizza.
(sometimes we do but we usually just make ours at home- we LOVE it, It's cheaper ((yay for grad students)) and healthier:)

I want to introduce you to my beautiful mamma!

My mom is the cutest cook on the planet, and a really good one.
I seriously lucked out as a child.
I grew up eating a super healthy lifestyle, and I'm so grateful to her to teaching me proper nutrition at a young age.

That being said I will give you her famous whole wheat easy pizza dough recipe.
It's SO easy. 
Calls for 5 ingredients!- one being WATER!
Cooks for 7 minutes in the oven and wahlah!

Pizza Dough
Makes 6 crusts or 4 large crusts
I usually half it when I make it for Aaron and I and freeze what dough we don't eat.

6 cups of hot tap water
4 TBSP honey
6 cups whole wheat flour

Mix to a paste using mixer, then add:
2 TBSP. saf instant yeast
2 TBSP. salt

Then add 6 MORE cups of flour 1 at a time (12 cups total) until mixture pulls away from the sides of the bowl.  Mix for 10 minutes. Divide in parts and roll out or freeze dough for later use in individual Ziploc bags.

Preheat oven to 500 degrees. Roll crusts to desired shape, add favorite toppings and bake for 7 minutes (if using baking stone)
If using pizza pan add 2-3 minutes to baking time.

We LOVE BBQ chicken pizza so that's our favorite but I also love plain cheese pizza so we will usually do one of each and have lots of leftovers:)

**For our BBQ pizza, I usually just get a rotisserie chicken from "Sams" or "Costco" and de-bone it.
Spread BBQ sauce mixed with a little marinara sauce (it's the trick people!)
and some Mozzarella cheese!

**For the least fat use Mozzarella cheese, rather than cheddar.

There's a healthier DELICIOUS Friday night meal!
I usually combine it with Crystal light lemonade (sometimes we cave and my husband gets rootbeer and I sip his (ha somehow it's better for you if you don't have your own??)) and it's the best "treat" meal for us!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and Happpy Friday!! xo

BY the way. We totally found Aaron's hip Radio Flyer from the late 80's in his parents garage,

and whipped that thing out for Ryan.
It worked like a dream and we had the best Halloween to date. 
Oh my gosh holidays are so fun with kids.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. looks delish! Friday night is pizza night here too (in the oven as I type), have a great weekend!

  2. LOVE this post! Your mom is beautiful and I'm totally jealous of the apron and awesome Christmas decorations!

  3. I will have to try that. I have an obsession with pizza too!

  4. oh i love your mom! so excited to try this recipe! we have a few pizza recipes we use, but this one looks AMAZING!! give ryan a hug from ellie!! xoxo

  5. Yum!! Going to have to try this!!

  6. That pizza looks delicious!! Definitely will have to try it!

    xo Christina

  7. I think we'll be having pizza this weekend! This looks delicious! And definitely easy enough for me to handle! Haha. Also, your mom is so cute! I love that apron! And that picture does make me SO excited for Christmas!!

  8. Trying this ASAP!! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. I hope it tastes as good as it looks because I just bought a big bag of wheat flour and can't wait to try it! Thanks for the recipe.