Halloween. Puppy Style.

I refused to believe it was coming but it came.
We are officially starting "2nd Holidays" for the babes!! SO sad!
This year was Ryan's 2nd Halloween!

 Really quick throwback to his first as a 2 month old bumblebee.

Lets just say that I think Ryan had a little more fun this halloween than he did on the last one.

Deciding what Ryan was going to be for Halloween was a no brainer.

Given his obsession with dogs. (especially our fake Dalmatian Spot)
My MIL (mother-in-law) found the perfect Dalmatian costume online at Pottery Barn Kids.

Ryan usually hates wearing hats and things on his head, but when we put his costume on and put him in front of the mirror, he started panting like a dog and laughing at himself.

Never even tried to take the hat off.

So my darling friend Chelsea threw a Halloween party for the babies the weekend before Halloween.
Seriously one day my goal is to be as festive as she is for Halloween.
She decked out her house and her & her husband even made a haunted house for the babies.

Chelsea has a beautiful black lab named Cash.
Ryan was in heaven.
He followed that thing around, the puppy licked him to death and he loved every minute of it.

Chipotle offered 3 buck meals to anyone who showed up in their costume on Halloween (thank you Erika for the info:))
Seriously, who can beat that!?

As soon as Aaron got home from school we headed to Chipotle with our puppy for our 3 dollar meal.

Then trick-or-treating we went.
I chose my favorite candy, because we all know the candy was mostly for Aaron and I haha.

The best part was finding Aaron's radio flyer in his parents garage from the late 80's and whipping that thing out for Ryan.
He ate a couple of dum dum suckers and was as happy as a clam in that wagon.

We ended with trick-or-treating my in-laws which meant take like 3 pounds of licorice and golfish home. (she knows us so well:)
Seriously the best Halloween yet.
We are pretty smitten by this little pup!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. He is SO cute!! And $3 Chipotle!? Say whattt!

    Glad you had a great Halloween...it's so sad that it was our babies 2nd!!


  2. We love Chipotle! We just ate lunch there today..$3? Never heard of that before!

  3. what a little cutie! I know what you mean about second holidays, it's so sad!

  4. Awwww, he made such a cute puppy! And that Halloween party looks like it was so much fun! I wish I was that breast at planning little things like that.

  5. I LOVE y'alls costumes!!! Ryan is the cutest puppy ever!!

  6. So glad to have found your blog!! Love all of these sweet Halloween pictures, such a beautiful family! Looking forward to following along :)

  7. Too cute for words. Love his kiss for spot at the end :)

  8. so stinkin cute! we miss you guys!! xo