Today I woke up to 37 degrees!
Yes 37.
I even turned my phone off and then back on to see if it was really reading right.
My husband's alarm went off and I realized that our house was freezing.

We are so good at watching the news and knowing when it's going to randomly freeze one day- #fail

I cuddled up really close to him and put my ice cold toes on his legs 
(it's one of his favorite things I do hahaha)
FYI- my toes are ALWAYS about 3 degrees. Today just put them in the negatives.

I told him not to move and that we were going to stay in bed all day long. haha

That dream was short lived. 
Boo school and law finals that are taking over our life right now.

I went from running in shorts 2 days ago, to pulling out my Utah snow thermals at 7 AM.
I embraced the cold, took a deep breath and saw ONE other person on the running path. 
(I'm just waiting until January when everyone is in "New Year's resolutions mode" for the paths to fill up)

I couldn't help but think while running how grateful I am for a healthy body.
For running and how it makes me feel.
For the crisp fall air that bit at my bones just a little,
and for my sweet sweet little family waiting for me to get home.

Life is so good.

Breakfast, books, bath's, a nap, and a few toys later, baby and I headed out.
We threw on scarfs and beanies and stopped to look at every leaf and pinecone in sight.

Everything is so new and exciting to him.
Totally makes you sit back and appreciate the simple things in life.

I was craving soup so for dinner I made THIS Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe that I posted a couple of weeks ago with bread.
Totally hit the spot.
While I was making dinner this happened (NBD babe it's only every straw in the bag) 
along with the babes erasing my last post on blogger on my phone. 
(I don't even know how this happened! but I looked to find it and it was gone)

I swear this generation of babies is going to take over technology.
**( so sorry if you are trying to pull it up!)

Picture not from today.. but it could be.
They replicated it perfectly.

Thank you "today" for being really simple and just happy.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Yay for cool weather! :] So fun! And these babies really will take over technology! It's ridiculous how fast they learn things! Also, I love that disaster of the straws! Holland makes a mess in the kitchen every time I'm cooking in there! Haha. That soup and bread looks delicious! We might just have to have that this week!

  2. That soup looks amazing! And the second to last picture looks like what happens when I make dinner! Anything to keep them occupied!

  3. I couldn't get enough of the weather today, it was such a nice change!!

  4. I'd be lying if I told you I loved the cold weather. I'm just not feelin' it yet. Perhaps once I'm all decorated for Christmas I'll be more in the mood! ;)

  5. You have inspired me to run tomorrow!! I was thinking this California weather has been cold at 70 something degrees!Lol!! You also inspired me to make that soup;) And that last picture is so so sweet!!
    Boy, oh {mamas} boys Blog

  6. Sounds like a picture perfect day. And I admire you for getting up every morning to workout. I've been trying to wake before my children do to slip in a good workout, but it is definitely hard.

  7. Stumbled across your blog through Alexa's "He & I" blog - gosh your little man is such a cutie! You have a beautiful life & I've enjoyed reading your blog!

    - Allison

  8. Just stopping by to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award - you can learn more about it on my blog! Hope you have a great week!!

  9. Love your blog! I'm totally thinking of making that soup today!

  10. Oh gosh, your son is just the cutest!! And that food looks scrumptious!
    xo TJ