Tangent Tuesday...Which is actually just a way to recap the last little bit.

I'm telling you, this kid knows how to party in the bath tub.

UPDATE on Spot our fake dog: 
*Still receiving royal treatment from the babes for sitting there and doing nothing.
*Cannot take a bath without him in the bathroom with us.
*Has to have him by his crib to sleep.
*He pants like a dog (to say he wants his dog) about 235 times a day.
I seriously have a second child.

 "So fresh n so clean clean"

While Aaron was out of commission the last few weeks, AKA when law school takes over life, 
Ry and I had a few date nights. This one being to Red Mango.

**Photo Credit- the darling Chelsea Keller.
Remember when I went to Red Mango every day of my life while I was pregnant? 
Well Chelsea worked there and I got to know her.
((I told you they knew me by name))
As fate had it, she just happened to be there the same night Ryan and I went last week.
The Red Mango workers have seen him grow from day one -Literally.
Should I be proud or embarrassed?? ha

His new found face he makes that I finally captured on camera the other night.

Our cute little Gingerbread casa that we thought was pretty cool until our friends.....
Completely dominated with a Gingerbread temple. 

There is an easier way my child

Cutest little Christmas shopper. If you follow me on INSTA you saw the video.
(heads up- I didn't upload it here so it wont play if you click on it haha)

Is it seriously December?

My cute Christmas gifts using THIS Christmas Puppy Chow.

One day I couldn't find my child. Then I found him in the dryer. NBD. 
He had climbed in there, (who knows how) and then was a little traumatized that he didn't know how to get out.

Fast like his daddy. (I'm telling you, he is like a mini clone)
Every time I get this kids' diaper off, he takes off!
Runnin wild and free baby! 
"Choose your love, Love your choice"
I married quite the sweetheart.
After coming home from his last final last Friday night at 10:30 PM,
He told me to pack up, that we were leaving in the morning.
He had a night away planned with some Christmas shopping and a little pampering.
Merry Early Christmas to MEEE!
(thank you to the best in-laws ever for babysitting and letting us borrow their fun car for a couple days!)

ANNNDDD as always, but ESPECIALLY during this holiday season,
A big thank you to my sweetheart for making life so beautiful! I love you!

Happy Tuesday!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Love the fake dog, Sofia currently has a huge cat obsession! Glad you all had a great night away! :)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  2. How sweet of your husband! Surprises like that are the best! Your little boy is precious too. So nice that you can spend so much time with him!

  3. Love that last picture!!! so sweet of him!

  4. a charmed life, for sure! (or at least what you show here.) I remember school being sooo hard, but definitely worth it. You have a great attitude. What a fun way to celebrate the end of finals!

  5. so cute, karina! ryan is such a doll!

  6. That's so funny about Red Mango! I'm sure the good people working the drive thru at Chick Fil A know me because I order so many Peppermint Shakes! Ryan is so cute and that Ginger Bread Temple? Amazeballs!

  7. Love all the pictures!! So happy you had a fun date night...those are the best!
    Boy, oh {mamas} boys

  8. Naked babies! Haha! Always cracks me up. He gets more and more handsome. :) Love that gift and great job on the gingerbread house. Totally adorable.

  9. okayy that first picture. and the bum picture! kills me!
    also-- agreed that 70 degree weather does NOT feel like december.
    i guess we can't complain! love your pictures as always!! XO

  10. that little man is getting so big! love his naked little bum :P baby butts are always precious!