Week 24.

How Far!? - 24 weeks

How big is baby: The size of a Cantaloupe! WHAT THE!!!? Babe, you're getting so big!!!

Craving: A dairy queen Reese's Peanut Butter cup blizzard. My husband drove to get me one the other day - sweetest man. Such a trooper.


Random: This pregnancy is going so much faster than Ryan's! It's flying. I definitely crave sweeter things than I did with Ryan so the whole "crave sweeter things when having a girl" wives tale doesn't work over here! We are all about the blue right now :)
My hair is growing like a weed and a half. Two words - "PRE-NATEL VITAMINS". I feel like a Lion. I still haven't found a lady I absolutely love to cut / trim my hair here in Houston, so I am holding out until I go to visit Utah in a month and a week. HA I tried to give myself front "layers" the other day in the bathroom ( because they have all grown out so long! ) and hair was EVERYWHERE. My husband came home from work to me trying to cut my hair and was like "HONEY!, what are you trying to do!?"? HA I think the heat and being pregnant made me want to go crazy and I just grabbed the scissors and started cutting layers. ( crazy pregnant lady ) I only made it to one side of my head. So half of my top layers are about 4 inches shorter than the other side. - Awesome. 
We went to Austin this past weekend and went to Schlitterbahn Water Park in New Braunfels - BIGGEST water park I have ever seen! The only big slide I rode was the "Dragon Slayer Coaster"on a double tube with my husband, which may or may not have been the best idea pregnant HA. No, it didn't have crazy drops ( I would never do something that would put my sweet baby in danger ) but it did go a little fast for a waterslide. I think I have just become a chicken on rides ever since having Ryan. Even a few of the baby slides I went down with Ryan made my tummy jump.

How's that for randoms?! 

Feeling: So far so good :) I do try and workout 6 days a week and it makes all the difference in my energy level and happy patient mom level :)
Just happy and really really really excited to meet this little babe in 15 weeks.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Pregnancy hormones must make you want to do something new to your hair! My sister in law warned me to resist. I have like 1/2 the amount of hair as you so it would've been disastrous if I got a hold of scissors.

    You look great; I love the bump!

  2. You look so great, long hair & all! Xo

  3. Gotta love those prenatal vitamins! But being preggo and having a crap load of hair in the summer would make me want to take the scissors into my own hands! Smart hubby to get you your craving!

  4. What prenatal vitamins are you taking? I am always looking for recommendations!!

  5. You look great! Not being a huge sweet person, I was all about sweets this last pregnancy and I had a boy! I was totally second guessing things as we prepared for his arrival because of the sweet cravings haha! I had a bunch of "what if" moments with every ice cream scoop, cookie, and candy bar I ate! Total boy though! :)

    -amanda @ duhitsmed.blogspot.com

  6. I always go crazy and cut my hair when I'm pregnant...and then it falls out and grows back in crazy anyways so it doesn't matter!!!

  7. I was just about to say - your hair is SO long!! Looking beautiful my friend - and such a teeny tiny bump!

  8. You look beautiful long hair and all lady!! :) So exciting to be at 24 weeks!! :)

  9. What workout DVDs are your fav?

  10. Getting so close! And you are looking dang cute!