We have been sick for almost 3 weeks total. It's been so awful!
Pregnancy and sickness don't mesh AT ALL.
My husband got it first ( he's to blame ), then naturally ONE WEEK later - I got it…
Aaron and I are terrible! We share EVERYTHING ( food, drinks, etc. ) and trying to stay away from his germs is impossible HA so I knew I was bound to get it.

I completely lost my voice and couldn't talk for 3 days
( I don't think that has ever happened before in my life ) - and if you know me personally, you would understand why not being able to talk for 3 days made me cry everyday because I love talking so much.
I had to mouth everything I wanted to say to Aaron, he was the only one that could understand me so he was my spokesman HA

Just when we thought Ryan was the warrior and missed it altogether… BAM.
One week later Ryan is sick.
So we all took our "week" of sickness.
I guess it's better we didn't all get it at one time??!

Here's to healthy bodies and kicking the aches, fevers, chills, and soar throats to the curb.

They even sleep the same. HA.
Sweetest moment.
I love my boys. ( can't wait to add one more mini to the mix )

Now that we are feeling better we live at splash pads and pools.
HELLO Houston heat.
I forgot how fun it is to be pregnant in this weather ;) August is going to be awesome HA.
Ryan makes it all better with baby bump kisses.

Ryan's happy place ^^

So apparently my husband has this hidden unknown talent of making play-doh into anything Ryan tells him to.

Exhibit A ^^ A Hammer head shark.
Seriously!? How can you do this without looking at a picture and just know where every fin goes? You are killing me Aaron.

So Ryan and I are playing play-doh the other morning and Ryan's like, "Mommy make me a hammer head shark please?"
( yes he is OBSESSED with sharks and knows what all of the different sharks are called )
No child, unfortunately I'm not that cool, but I will make you a cookie out of play-doh.

2 of my favorite people had birthday's this week.
( 1 day apart - how cute it that!? )

How Ry eats his cake.

Ryan loves birthday's so much. He already has a countdown going for his 3rd birthday in August!
I'm dreading the fact he's going to be THREE!! My baby!!

So here's to JUNE and SUMMER!!
We have a couple fun little adventures coming up before baby comes and we are pretty excited!
Bring on the 100 degree Houston weather and humidity :)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Glad yall are doing better. Being sick is no fun.

  2. What a bummer! I am glad you are all better though! That pic of them two sleeping is toooo cute!

  3. Sorry my friend, there is nothing worse than all being sick! So glad you are all better now...
    Both my girls are man down at the moment - and it's horrible! it's also impossible to keep them apart or from sharing things! x

  4. Karina the baby bump picture is the sweetest thing ever! Glad you are all on the mend. Being sick just stinks!

  5. Happy summer! So glad you guys are feeling so much better!