A few highlights as of late.

Father's Day celebrating our favorite person.
Aaron is what makes our world go round.
He is everything to me and it is clear that Ry IDEALIZES his daddy.
They are the sweetest duo ever and we ( Ry, Baby, and I ) are the luckiest to have him forever.

The hardest part of Father's Day was not being able to give my own daddy a hug!
Living far away from my family is no fun on holidays!
I'm a daddy's girl through and through and I'm so grateful for these hardworking men in my life!! ( my dad, my husband, and my Father-in-Law )
They deserve to be spoiled and celebrated!

Please note one of Ryan's signs for his daddy.
His stick figures!? KILL ME.
I told him my favorite part was the hair on the guy on the right.  It looks like a rocker dude.

2 things.

#1. I cut like 2-3 inches off Ry's hair this weekend!!  ^^ It was SOO long and ready for a little trim but somehow he just looks so old to me now!?

#2. Ryan and his shark / whale obsession is getting out of hand.
My mother-in-law kept Aaron's sharks and whales from when Aaron was little and Ryan is obsessed!
Like Father, like son.

Today Ryan told me he wanted a Goblin Shark for his birthday?
Yes a Goblin shark ( did you even know those existed? Me neither until his shark book came into our life )
So if anyone knows where to find a toy Goblin Shark, please send me suggestions HA

I wasn't kidding when I said Ryan knew all the different types of sharks -
Ryan has a book that he has spent HOURS with my husband reading that tells you about every kind of shark, and what they eat, do, etc.
( If my husband wasn't a lawyer, I'm convinced he would have been a marine biologist HA the obsession must be genetic )

Pool lovin with my little tan islander.

A baby bump and Herbert our giraffe just chillin in the background.
I guess his new home is in Aaron and I's room??
HA He will soon be in the nursery. :)

Random, but this is hanging on our fridge and was our ultrasound of our sweet baby #2 at just 10 weeks along.

I had a few ultrasounds early on so I was able to see our babe develop week by week - Gosh, the human body is so incredible to me!

Look at those little legs!?

Ry goes to work with daddy while I go to my doctor appointment and hear our sweet baby's heartbeat!
( Ryan is holding his Great White Shark (( it's not just a "shark" it's a "GREAT WHITE SHARK", he will correct you, ))  and he's doing puzzles on the i-pad HA )

My father-in-law payed Ryan a few bucks for coming into the office for an hour and Ryan thought he was one cool dude adding to his piggy bank.

Aaron and his dad just moved law offices to a different building, and I have yet to come in and "Karina-ify" his new office HA.
It is in DEEP need of a lady's decor touch and a few things hung on walls HA

( 26 weeks TOMORROW!!  ^^ )
(( top is from Pea in the Pod not available anymore but they have cute other maternity clothes! ))

That sweet sound of my baby's heartbeat will NEVER get old.
Even though my tummy is bouncing up and down 90 percent of the day because this baby MOVES like CRAZY!,  I somehow still get so nervous going to my appointments.
My doctor tells me it's completely normal to be nervous, just because of past experience and the awful, terrible, horrible dream that not finding a heartbeat could ever happen again.

But gosh, I NEVER EVER take that strong heartbeat for granted.
These babies are so precious and such blessings!
This baby is so loved and wanted!

Added a few miniature clothes to my wash day this week.
How come everything is so cute in miniature form!?
Also… I have never felt so surrounded by boy clothes in my life HA.

Bring on the blue, baby.
14 more weeks!!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Where are the flowers on your coffee table from?! I have been looking for faux flowers exactly like that.

  2. Cutest update post! How cute is Ryan in his daddy's office?! I bet he loves getting to spend time with him at work while you are at the doctor!

  3. Too cute! Look how big he looks in his Daddy's office! & here's a pack of sharks from a party store. I'm pretty sure there's a goblin shark in that mix (;


  4. Where did you get the couch in the first picture? I love it!

  5. Love your bump! That is so stinking cute about his obsession with sharks and those stick figures?! Way too cute! It is a bummer you couldn't be with your Dad but sounds like you guys are blessed to have three men in Ryan's life for him to look up to!