A few Utah pictures.

We went to Utah for New Years to be with my family and the winter wonderland views were BREATHTAKING!

Seriously stunning.

However it was a trip I came home from SO bummed I didn't take out my camera more often.
I guess I was in a "camera funk!"
I snapped a few pictures here and there but didn't do it justice!
So of course, I had to post these pictures for my record books, but moral of the story.. 
They are the what make the memories last! Don't come home regretting you didn't take your camera out more often!

( missing one brother, but gosh I love these people! ^^ )

Day after he turned 3 months old ^^ First baby Luke selfie 

ANNNDDD Ryan in my sister's old pink marshmallow snow suit for the win! ^^ ( I'm actually secretly a little sad he probably won't fit in it next Christmas when we visit )

New Years Eve we had a bunch of extended family and cousins over ( the best! ) and yes we made it until midnight! HA #grandparentstatus
Rung in 2016 right! ^^ Love this best friend of mine.

Seeing this cute thing cheer always makes us happy. ^^

And for Ry and Luke's phone selfie ^^ Quite the duo.

An airport phone picture ^^ because stepping off that 3 hour flight by myself with these two crazies is an accomplishment in my book :)

A "Flying with TWO" post will be coming soon, because I wished I had read a few tips before flying my first flight alone with two! 

Anddd to end with Ryan... I'm pretty sure his life motto is "When in doubt, shake it" ^^ :)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. the boys are getting so big! So glad you got to soak up some time with your family!

  2. Haha, how cute is little Ryan?! Love the most beautiful snow pics x