December in a Nutshell

Mom life.
Gosh I love my sweet babes!
Finally getting the hang of 2 kiddos. We are in a little rhythm over here and it makes me happy.
 ( UPDATE: We WERE in a rhythm ;) until January hit ha just kidding, we are totally fine; just slightly thrown off our groove HA more on that later! ) 

BUT Luke is a little dream. Such a good, chill little babe! 

First December in our first little home!
The best!

Tis the season of matching in Reindeer sweaters.

"Dear Santa,
I would please like a Blue shark and a Rudolph Fan. 
Love, Ryan"

( the Rudolph fan is a candy fan he saw in Hobby Lobby with me that he asked me to buy. I told him he maybe Santa would bring it to him if he was a good boy HA )
So funny that those were the only two things he asked for? Talk about random- child!

BEST December yet. Ryan LOVED Santa ( I told you - Age 3 is the magic age! ) and we got away cry free for the first time in 2 years. I'm sure the streak will end when Luke is 1 next year so we enjoyed the cry free Santa visit while it lasted :)

Aaron's sweet grandmother passed away. Grateful Families are Forever and that Ryan was able to know her before she passed.

I wrapped and Luke did tummy time.

We spent a weekend with my in-laws in Galveston for my first time ever!
Can't believe I have lived here for 4.5 years and this was a first for me!
We went to fun restaurants like Rainforest Cafe ( they have a rainforest cafe RIDE that Ryan LOVED ) and Bubba Gumps.
We saw monkeys and butterflies in the rainforest, and sharks at the aquarium ( You should see Ryan's face when he see's a REAL shark! )
A 3 year old heaven!

Sleepin like a BOSS. ^^

The big reason we headed to Galveston was to wear a winter coat for the first time this winter in Houston ;) Just kidding.... But seriously.
"ICELAND" was 9 degrees and the whole arena is made of ICE.
One of the coolest things I've ever seen!
I wish I would have dressed Ryan even warmer ( which was hard when it was 75 degrees outside )
because he wore out pretty quick in the cold!

We rode down ice slides and got a good set of rosie cheeks :)

Writing his 10th letter to Santa. ^^
You can never send too many right!?

( Addi is like the older sister Ryan doesn't have! He just adores her ^^ )

We went to College Station to Santa's Wonderland. ^^
The lights were incredible and the hot cocoa is amazing.
( If not for the lights, go for the hot chocolate HA )
I would recommend it to anyone in the area for next Christmas season!

Good thing Santa got the letter ;)

Mr. Ry finished his first "semester" of preschool!
He loves his teacher "Ms. Alisha" and says the pledge of allegiance about 10 times a day HA
He also learned how to write his name all by himself and he's pretty proud of himself after he does it.
He still has a couple more years until Kindergarten but gosh I love watching him take it all in!

How's that for a million different topics wrapping up December!?
We did head to Utah for New Year's and were able to be with  my whole family and extended family and it was wonderful!

P.S> thanks for being patient while I took a little time off blogging. Getting the hang of this whole 2 kiddo mommy thing :) while also doing my best to "simplify" life a little better not to feel like I am running around like a crazy woman all of the time :)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. How cute are all of you! And look at the hair on those kiddos!

  2. YAY!!! So nice to see you are back my pretty friend - and what special memories. Sending so much love x

  3. I look forward to more posts about your cute family. I'm glad you are getting the hang of two kiddos.
    How about a makeup post/tutorial? You always look so pulled together! What color lipstick do you wear? I'd love to hear about how you fit exercise time in now that you have two kids, too.

  4. Looks like you had a fun December. I would love to hear about your daily routine as a mommy of two. I am still trying to get the hang of having a 7 week old :)

  5. So good to see you back blogging. You are an inspiration and reading your blog brings a smile each time. Sincerely,

  6. December is always crazy--and I'm sure even crazier with two littles! Glad it was still a fun month for you! Love your posts, always!