WARNING : Read at your own risk, if blood makes you queasy :)
I feel like I need a "SPOILER AHEAD" warning or something HA

Little angel sleeper ^^

Occasional break of dawn cereal dates before daddy heads to work ^^ And Ryan's 15 toys he insists on bringing to the table to eat. :)

He's obsessed with being in the bath ^^ mostly just to play with his "water sharks"

Watching Ryan play sharks in the bath ^^ 

Little arms up - my favorite ^^

Saturday afternoon well spent - Feeding ducks and playing some ball ^^

Occasional sharing of the blue shark ^^

Lately Ry is puzzle obsessed. He will sit on the floor while I get ready and do puzzle after puzzle! I'm obsessed with these Melissa and Doug ones ^^ ( I find them at Marshalls or TJ maxx / and I did order a shark one for him off Amazon! :)

Luuuuke! That tongue! ^^

Multi-tasking at it's finest ^^ 

My little sweetheart ^^

Annddd Aaron pulls out the Great white. ^^ My stick figure beach fam didn't stand a chance.
( Forever the "less cool" parent )

After work park dates ^^
Weather lately is just gorgeous! It's in the 60's ( sometimes low 70's ) and so perfect outside.
Enjoying it before we hit 100 degrees soon enough :)

Our playroom is always kind of looking like a tornado hit until we pick it up every night  ^^ HA.
And I love that Luke has to always be right next to Ryan. Even though Luke is always doing something wrong in Ryan's mind. Whether it's "accidentally" kicking the toys, or wanting to suck on his blocks, Ryan has little episodes of being impatient, but he can't be in a room without him.

I love it.

SOOO, Life was pretty normal and low key until one Thursday morning...

Get ready for the most bazaar thing you have ever heard.. I went in Ryan's room to get him in the morning from bed to find a slightly shocked 3 year old and so. much. blood. ( sorry for the graphic picture I may have just painted in your mind, it was awful! )

To keep from freaking out, I did some deep breathing.. My heart just sank.
You could clearly tell Ryan had just woken up and had no idea what was going on.
He started to cry because of the "red stuff" that covered his clothes, and sheets.
Why he wasn't crying or in deep amounts of pain still blows our minds!
I wake up a few times with Luke every night and we clearly would have heard him cry in the middle of the night if he had known what happened and had been in pain.

Anyways, I called Aaron who had just gotten to work and told him to come home immediately.
Rushed him to the ER and got quite the amount of stares in the hallway :) (( That picture ^^ was AFTER we cleaned his face of blood, the before shot was so awful! ))

To this day, we have theories of "how it happened" but don't know exactly how.
We DO know it happened in the middle of the night in his sleep. After a "crime scene investigation" as my husband describes it, evidence leads us to thinking it could have been the window seal? ( which is the only slightly sharp object in his entire room! )

Here's our theory.
We are thinking he dropped his stuffed shark ( which was covered in blood )
got out of bed to pick up the shark, ( according to the blood drops on the carpet )
and tripped and hit his head on the window seal ( which would explain the two drops of blood on the wall ),
and then somehow crawled back into bed after it happened and fell back asleep??

My lawyer of a husband was breaking down every little piece of evidence HA

Crazy that he has never had a history of sleep walking and I think we puzzled every doctor in the ER when they heard his story. SO crazy!!!
Ryan is convinced he fell off of a slide ( which he did - the day before at a friends house but no bumps or bruises came from that ) HA
So it's quite the comical story listening to him tell a slightly different story every time someone asks what happened to him. #parentsoftheyear

Until the doctor held him down for stitches he was SO good.
We were so proud of how brave he was through the whole thing!
Of course, I never let him see his head in the mirror because I didn't want him to freak out.
Poor babe!

This whole situation got a lot more sad when he woke up 4 days later with a swollen eye and in pain.
By the minute his face was swelling and reddening!
Thanks to our good friends, we took him in and his cut was clearly infected.
He had slept a few hours the night it happened on an open wound. I'm certain that's how it got infected and probably wasn't cleaned out completely before putting his ( glue ) stitches on.

We had a sad camper until the antibiotic finally started taking effect.
We were so worried about it because the doctor told us that if the antibiotic didn't start to clear the swelling in his eye within 48 hours we would have to take him back in and they would have to take out the ( glue ) stitches and drain the cut of the infection!

Thanks to a couple priesthood blessings, the 3 times daily ( for 12 days! ) "yucky medicine" as Ryan called it worked and slowly drained the cut each day on it's own. 

We were so grateful.
Here's Mr. Ryan finally feeling himself again after a couple weeks of no fun! ^^
Dog costume and running around like crazy and it made me so happy.

The first day he felt better, he insisted going outside and driving his car in his dog costume. HA ^^ whatever floats your boat child! 

So Ryan has quite the little battle wound.
Eventually the outer glue should fall off but until then, he's rockin the look.
He's been such a little rockstar and has made 2016 pretty high speed so far! HA

And ok, How cute is his little golf bag !? ^^
Can't wait until he is old enough to get in actual golf lessons. He loves it!

Love these crazy babes! ^^ ( even though they almost give us a heart attack on occasion! ) HA

Karina Marie Powell


  1. oh my goodness! how did you even stay calm after that sight!? and how the heck did he fall back asleep after that!? seriously blows my mind. Way to go, mama! this is one of those "please show me what actually happened when I die and go to heaven" moments hahaha

  2. Oh Karina! I'm so thankful that he is okay and that it didn't affect his eye sight. Blessings.

  3. OMG!!! This is such a crazy story my friend - I can't believe he did that in his sleep and didn't scream in pain! SJ has a VERY high pain threshold and this is something she would do without us even knowing... So glad he is ok now x