17 and the KICK!!!!

Aaron and I felt our baby KICK for the first time!!!!!!!!
AHHH!! BEST feeling in the world!!!
Last night we were laying in bed,
talking and laughing (aaron was making jokes),
and Aaron was rubbing my tummy,
and talking to it (as if our little one can hear him yet)
it's really cute regardless..
and then all of the sudden
BAM!! it kicked!!!
I looked at Aaron in shock like "wait, was that really..." and BAM again!
I got all teary eyed! I was like "come on sweetheart kick mommy
again!!" and sure enough BAM!
Hahaha aaron says we need to sign this one up to be
the punter on the football team,
he's got some serious power in that little foot of his!
Anyways we felt it and heard it and saw it! It was the coolest thing
in the world. I was on such a high, I couldn't fall to sleep.
I am sure by month 9 I will be like ok please stop kicking mommy so hard!
but for the first time, it was the best thing ever.
I wanted him to kick me all night.
It was perfect to be with my husband and experience
it all for the first time.
As a mommy, you always want to know everything is ok,
I'm understanding that now,
and it was such a blessing to feel him kick,
We feel so incredibly grateful and blessed to be parents.
I love this little one with all of my heart!
Each night aaron kisses my tummy
as if to kiss the baby goodnight.
He talks to it, and tells it stories,
ha and even though i'm sure our little peanut can't quite
know or hear us yet,
mommy and daddy love you so very much!
We hit the big 17!
I can't believe we are getting close to half way.
(I say "we" as if aaron is pregnant,
haha i just consider him 17 weeks along as well.)
A few big changes for week 17.
#1. We felt our little one kick, obviously! Best feeling in the world.
#2. I had to "modify" my step/weight workout this morning...
I couldn't do it full out.
My body gives out so much easier.
My runs this week have turned into me telling myself,
"Ok, run a mile, and walk 20 yards,
run a mile, walk 20 yards, try and maybe make it another mile,
and walk 50 yards, ok run to that tree, and then walk" haha and so on.
Some days I feel better than others,
but at the same time running feels so much more accomplishing.
I am so proud to be carrying this little one.
#3. Running clothes, (tops) have about hit their peak.
The bottoms are still ok...
I knew this day would come.
They kept getting a little tighter as the weeks went on
but I didn't notice it as much until this week.
I took this picture yesterday before my run,
and that might be the last time I wear this top,
It kept riding up on my tummy the whole run!
Time for a little bigger size??
I'm still in that awkward stage, that the same people I pass running
in the week probably think i'm getting a little chubby tummy,
it's not the definite bump quite yet.
No one really knows yet.
I told aaron I think it's time I move to the looser shirts.

So ignore the face, and the hair and clothes,
and well.. everything about this picture
I had just gotten back from running,
was making dinner
and was making a face at aaron,
but #4. is that I have this burning desire to be such a mom.
I want to try cooking something different every day,
and clean every little crack in the house,
and just be a little house wife.
I have always liked cooking but never felt like this.
I read that it's natural when your carrying a little one to want all of this.
#5. I have become slightly obsessed with looking at peoples
baby bumps and reading stories of labor (which idk if that is an uplifting good thing to do too often)
and stories of babies. Everything baby, I want to know it all.
I read what to eat, what not to eat,
and i'm trying to follow carefully so baby gets all the nutrients it
#6. I have noticed that about every HOUR or two I get this little urge to eat something.
WHAT THE heck!!? I'm hungry all the time!
So I have my power snacks,
They keep me going throughout the day.
8:00 breakfast
10:00 special k or fiber one bar.
12:00 lunch usually subway or chicken noodle soup from panera, or a smoothie and toast!
ha because i'm at work/ school
2:00 graham crackers and milk
(and yes I eat them daily if not twice a day)
3:00 carrots/ or celery or grapes
4:00 string cheese
usually before I work out.
Which leads into #7.....
#7.  I get the munchies so bad at like 8:00 every night!
It's terrible! SO i will make an orange julius,
have graham crackers and milk,
or sometimes have a bowl of cereal.
(ex. last night I had apple jacks haha)
I try and stay away from the ice cream
every OTHER day,
hahahaha but usually I make exceptions.
I feel like being pregnant you can make exceptions
to having ice cream a couple times a week.
#8. Cravings have calmed down this week,
I am content with food,
EXCEPT for deboning a rotisserie chicken.
I thought my tummy was doing ok,
until about 2 nights ago when we had rotisserie chicken
for dinner I was deboning it and about lost my whole stomach.
It was terrible! I think it's the smell and the color,
and we have rotisserie chicken way too much at
our house because it's quick and healthy,
and maybe I'm just getting burned out.
However I have craved sour patch watermelons
all week, so of course,
I went and bought me some and have had those
a few times this week. hahaha
I told aaron I want a BIG HUGE pizza for date night tomorrow,
and that is EXACTLY what we are going to do.
And let me tell you, my husband and I can really put a LARGE down,
haha yes the waiter always is impressed.
So I'm excited.
yayy for date nights and the weekend means 18 weeks!!

This week our baby weighs as much as a turnip!
It's fingernails and toenails are beginning to grow!
I love being pregnant.
I'm really trying to soak it up every minute of it,
it's such a blessing to be bringing this little angel into the world.
I can't believe how much I already love him.
He will be mommy's little boy.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. umm you don't even look pregnant! i started showing pretty obviously at 17 weeks. the baby can hear you! i started singing to my little girl when i was about that far along. the songs i sang to her when i was pregnant, still work the best to soothe her. enjoy the kicks! they are so fun. they never really get old unless the baby's feet are in your ribs. that isn't very pleasant. so excited for you guys! being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me, right alongside marrying my husband.

  2. That's so cute!!! I promise you won't get sick of the random kicks from baby:) I loved every.second of it until oakli was born. They are usually unexpected. So.that makes it exciting when it happens. I'm sooooo happy for you and Aaron. Having a baby is an amazing blessing! I researched everything baby when I was pregnant. So if you ever have questionsjust ask:) congratulations