pictures are worth a thousand words.

It's wedding time of the year!
I miss it!
I want to get married again! To Aaron OF COURSE,
but to relive that day again would be the best thing in the world.
It goes by so quickly and next thing you are on your honeymoon.
Speaking of honeymoon,
I found all these honeymoon pictures
that my husband I reminisced
through.. I want to relive every one of these moments!
Congrats to everyone jumping on the married train,
it truly is the greatest blessing in the world.

We took a 9 day trip of a lifetime to the beautiful island of Hawaii.
We spent 5 days on Maui and 4 days on Kauai.
A perfect dream!!


Karina Marie Powell

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  1. oh how fun:) i tell my husband that eveeery time i see that someone is getting married. hahah can we do it againnnn?!?! so cute:)