Lets go to the Doctor.

Before being pregnant,
I will be honest, I didn't mind going to the doctor,
I actually enjoyed them telling me I was healthy taking a couple vitals and your off.
Pregnancy on the other hand,
Doctors appointments are a little different story.
The routine goes like this, (well at least at my doctor.)
You get there on time, sign in, wait about 30 minutes get called back,
Now during this waiting area, you PEE in your cup,
(are you supposed to pee and fill the cup up? or just a little bit?, I have no idea)
(Luckily being pregnant you pretty much have to pee every 20 minutes,
so it's not a problem.)
THEN you,
write your name on your cup and
set it in a secret door in the bathroom wall, which I just don't like to look into,
I basically set it in there with my eyes closed
 (the first time I looked and it was just not a pretty sight, no one wants to compare their pee to other people's pee..
I came out mortified to aaron and told him I would never look in it again.)
and then you weigh yourself. No specific instructions just "WEIGH YOURSELF".
I thought the doctor did this for you??
"Are you supposed to take off your clothes? shoes? who knows?"
Each time I do it different, which, I should probably do it the same every time,
that way I know how much I am actually gaining/losing because the jeans and shoes
can make a difference?? Who knows??
Next- waiting area #3.  This one is usually just about ten minutes,
They FINALLY take you back, and tell you to take off your clothes and put on a tissue robe.
This is supposed to make you feel more comfortable? (Don't quite understand that one either.)
Then the sweet nurse comes in,
asks you how much you weighed in at,
(which I think is funny, I wonder how many girls actually say what the number on the scale said)
She takes your blood pressure,
(which I hate, my arm feels like it's going to fall off)
asks you to lay down and put your feet up in the "Stirrups"
(which Idk if I will ever get used to that position)
usually pushes really hard on your uterus area to check it
which isn't very comfortable,
and then takes your blood.
I HATE with a passion HATE, getting my blood drawn.
I took nursing classes, and I don't mind drawing other people's blood,
it doesn't bother me at all,
it's just when they do it to me and I can feel it coming out of my arm.
I always walk out of there feeling dizzy,
appearantly i have really SMALL veins and the nurses always say,
"Well, not doing that arm, can't see the vein very well,"
Which let me tell you is NOT reassuring.
Those of you who have been through pregnancy will understand that a blood sample
is more like a blood TUBE!
This blood testing has not gone so well in the past.
Turns out that Aaron turns white when they take my blood.
We figured this out the hard way.
It's the sight of needels into his wife's arm I guess?? Poor kid, after filling 5 tubes of blood,
he was ready to pass out with me.
Good thing your not in medical school sweetheart.
The nurse had to go and get us both water, told my husband he was looking a little green,
and we stayed an extra 5 minutes to regain ourselves.
After about an hour of waiting and doing all the TERRIBLE stuff you hate,
you wait about another 10 minutes for the doctor,
(my doctor is really popular i guess? she is darling, yes it's a she, i really like her)
Once the doctor gets there life is good.
She puts jelly on your tummy which is cold and tingley and I like it,
and you hear the little heartbeat,
she smiles and your smiling,
Like nothing tramatic has happened.
And in that moment it's pure happiness.
An hour and a half sometimes 2 hours later,
Aaron and I walk out of there with a smile on our faces,
somehow ready for the next one.

I love my doctors appointments.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I love that every doctor does things differently! PS I learned the HARD way - i always now write my name on the cup before I pee in it. That way you have less spills! :) haha. And I always make sure I wear slip on shoes so I can take them off to get weighed. That way I don't have a few 'extra pounds' on the scale. It can get stressful finding an outfit each month to go with slip on shoes :)

  2. Haha, I don't really know you, I think you went to high school with my friend aubry pitcher or something. But, I saw You're blog & just had to say it is so cute! Im prego too.. i'll be 40 wks in 3 days! & let me just tell you... NO WORRIES... the first couple appts are the WORST. Then its not bad again till the very end. So, don't be too depressed :) I about DIED when I went to my first couple appts. They were miserable. It gets better though.

  3. I love your posts! And I love the details and stuff. So nice to know what may be coming in a couple years...