The pizza I have been dreaming of, and sherbet floats.

I love Fridays.
Heres a few reasons why.
#1. Is obviously that it's date night, and my husband is really cute and romantic and good
with coming up with ideas for fun things to do..
#2. I see him ALL day long.
He doesn't have school Fridays, so we go to work together, and he will come pop his head
over by my desk, and I just love seeing his cute smiling face all day. It makes me happy.
#3. We go to lunch together.
I love every minute of it.  These past couple of weeks it has been "take Karina to Red Mango
and get her a yogurt parfait (not near enough food for aaron) so then take Aaron and go get him a Chipotle Burrito."  Yesterday we went to Becks Prime together.
And let me just say, they have the BEST grilled chicken sandwiches on the planet.

I was in heaven! We got an order of sweet potato fries, and they were just heaven in your mouth.
 After work we went to Russo's pizzeria. Its our new found favorite pizza place.  My inlaws introduced us to it and it's the closest thing we have found to pizza tasting like it did in Italy.
I have been dreaming about this pizza all week.
It is the best Margarita Pizza I have ever tasted and let me tell you I have tried my share of Margarita pizzas!  We devoured this pizza, and it made mommy, and baby very happy.
 Haha it was already half gone before I said "wait let me take a picture!"
We were deciding where to go get our usual ice cream/ frozen yogurt,
when I remembered I was out of sherbet!  Now this has been my favorite thing since I have been pregnant, I have no idea why but I love it and when I ran out the other night, it was a sad day.
At a ward/church fireside we went to a couple months back,
someone brought sherbet floats to have for dessert.
I have never tasted this goodness before, or heard of it.
Sherbet and sprite? who would have thought.
So we go to our local grocery store,
 and my sweet husband buys me a huge TUB of sherbet.
I was in heaven just looking at it.
what a good husband he is!
Then we got our sprite,
and relived the goodness of a sherbet+sprite float.
I would recommend this goodness to everyone!
I wish every night could be Friday night.
Happy weekend!!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Karina!! You guys should try Grimaldi's pizza!! it is so delicious!! it's just in market street by Goose's Acre and the movie theatre and stuff!

  2. haha not market street I meant by the mall and movie theater

  3. Oh sherbet and sprite is the BEST combination! Yum!
    Love your outfit! So jealous of how warm it is there.... ha ha! We've been having amazing weather and then it decided to snow... SNOW all day yesterday. YUCK.