Baby's first Disney Cruise Part 1.

We packed this little peanut all up,
and got him ready for his very first Disney Cruise!
He was clearly so excited to meet Mickey for the first time.

 We flew to Florida,
and met my wonderful family!

anddd all 65 of my family members.
Yes 65.
41 grandchildren and 4 GREAT grandchildren.
(can you find us?... it's like playing "where's Waldo")

My mom has 9 brothers and sisters,
(she is the woman on the left)
and it was my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary
(how cute are my grandparents?!)

so what better way to spend it than on a 7 day Disney Cruise?!

My family is CRAZY.
We are a bunch of chicos who are very loud,
so you can only imagine being on a ship together for a week.

My grandma was on the dance floor until 1 or 2 AM every night doing "Gangnam style"
It was the joke that "I couldn't go to bed until my grandma left".
I didn't want her beating me!

We set sail to the beautiful Bahamas, Grand Cayman, and Mexico!

And the week begins...

Karina Marie Powell


  1. omg how FUN! I've always wanted to go on a disney cruise...and what an awesome way to go with so much family! I love that first picture of Ryan...look at all that baby Polo gear :). He is SO precious, Karina! Can't wait to see more pictures of the trip!

  2. too fun! i'd love a disney cruise!

  3. Ah. Your life. Just perfect. So glad you had fun!

  4. SO CUTE! We went to Disney this past year and I loved it. I can't wait to go on a Disney cruise:)

  5. JEALOUS. And I love family reunions with crazy, fun family time.

  6. Your family both immediate and extended is SO beautiful, your little "peanut" is the cherry on top of such a good looking crew! Getting certified to sell travel right now and learning all about cruises so i love the candid pics!Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your grandparents are adorable and they look SO young! Happy 50 years to them!

  8. lovely pics! i hope i get to take a disney cruise sometime...loved the baby in his little puma outfit...adorable!!!