The Hairbow.

Sister sister.
It's fun when mom takes us shopping and buys us matching clothes. haha

Say hello to "the Hairbow"
We had a little too much fun,
and laughed so hard my tummy hurt.

Ryan has the cutest grandmas in the world I tell you!
She rocked the blonde hairbow in the family.
We loved feeling like Minnie Mouse for a day.
How cute is my mom and mother-in-law??!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Sooooooooo cute!! You and your sister really DO look like twins! I thought that picture was photoshopped to look like two of you at first :). And yes, Ryan's grandmas are the cutest I've ever seen!

  2. ahhhahaha! this is freaking awesome. you all look so cute!

  3. The little bows are so cute! You all look like Minnie Mouse! Adorable! It's amazing how much you and your sister look alike! That first picture looks like mirror! All beautiful ladies though and it looks like you guys had a blast with the bows!