Happy 5 Months Little One!!!

 My sweet baby is 5 months old! 

He giggles!
Oh my gosh it melts my heart!

He loves to be held and cuddled.
He hates being alone.
 If he looks around and I leave the room,
he freaks out.
Little peanut has to be the center of attention all day every day!

He is so ticklish and it's the cutest thing!
You cannot touch his little feet without him flinching.

He now grabs everything and tries to put it in his mouth.

Drools on everything.

Scoots around in circles on his back on the ground.

He has tried pears and banana baby food so far
and he LOVES it.
(and we are working on the rice cereal thing... he doesn't know what to think yet. ha)
I think he looks more and more like my husband every day.

He spent his 5 month birthday meeting Minnie on the beach
and was in heaven.

He is the sunshine to my day
and definitely mamma's little boy!
I'm one lucky girl!
Happy 5 months my angel!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. He is seriously so beautiful {and i mean that in the most "boy"ish way possible. :) his little comb-over... omg i could die!! so adorbsss!

  2. He is going to be a little heartbreaker!

  3. i LOVE that gummy smile-and i can't wait to hear about your cruise!! i'm thinkin maybe you should put together a review of the best and worst/pros cons for all of the ones you've been on!

  4. I love that first photo. happy 5 months, baby Ryan!