Baby's first green smoothie and a 53 degree Thursday!

- I have never been into green smoothies until this week. I don't know what happened. I became obsessed. I have had one every single day. I use THIS recipe (but substitute greek yogurt with just regular fat free vanilla yogurt- sorry for all you greek yogurt lovers- I'm not a fan!) but you can really add whatever you want to it. I just throw in random veggies and fruits I have in my fridge.
Ryan smacks his lips at everything I eat, so naturally I gave him a taste. He loved it. He wanted more and more. (probably not the best idea to be feeding him on our bed haha) 
If he struggles eating his veggies later in life- I know how to get them in his body! 
This is our favorite activity ever. I am in heaven because it seriously makes him so happy. 

My sweet baby was 16.8 pounds at the doctor this week. If he gets any heavier I will not be able to carry his carseat any longer.  Ha either that or I really need to up my weight workouts.

Ryan has a pretty sweet mohawk goin on tonight. His hair is growing fast these days!

Okay- Say hello to my love/ hate relationship. Most mornings consist of this.
My husband and I have them memorized, we have done them so many times but they never get old- they kill me every time. You tube "Insanity warm-up" you will see!
(Shaun T. is crazy)

I almost stepped on this snake today on a walk with Ryan.  If you knew my fear of snakes, you would know that I almost went into cardiac arrest.

TODAY was 53 degrees! It's not every day that you get to wear a coat and a baby moose sweater in Houston.
We took full advantage of it this afternoon.
Happy Thursday!

Karina Marie Powell


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  3. He's so cute in his little outfits!!! You're beautiful...I have no words...u look perfect!!! I'm afraid of snakes too and lizards...yuck :( Where did you get your earrings?...they look great :)

  4. awww SUCH a happy baby~ Soooo adorable... and omg that snake looks so creepy!! I'm glad you didn't step on it though.


  5. I laughed so hard that you got to wear your coat because it was 53 degrees! Kind of jealous over here, send some sun!

  6. love the swing pics! just precious! y'all are the cutest!

  7. very cute lil guy! and you're gorgeous!! you look like your loving life in tx:)