Today broke my heart.

Today broke my heart.
I seriously dread these appointments.
(almost cried about 5 times on Sunday just thinking about it)
Someone had their 6 month shots.
My poor baby had no idea what was coming.

The nurse told me to hold down his little arms,
and I started singing 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed (One of his favorites)
Ryan was giggling and then BOOM.
He looked at me like "what did you just do to me mom!?"
My heart stopped! =TEARS 
(and the highest pitched loudest scream from Ryan)!!
Not only was it just one "BOOM" but 4!!! 
Stupid shots!!

After a sad SAD car ride home,
(trust me he was not the only one crying)
(I called Aaron only to put him on speaker to hear us both crying haha)
I decided we both needed some cheering up, so he and I spent the afternoon at the park.

And spent some quality time in the exer-saucer,
reading books, having bath time, living it up eating sweet potatoes, and getting 110% of my attention.

Somehow when bedtime rolled around,
little one was completely happy, (with the help of some tylenol) like the shots had never happened.
I guess I got him all wired up!
Here's to hoping he sleeps tonight :)...

Karina Marie Powell


  1. aww...he's such a trooper!!! he just doesn't seem like he cries at all...he's always happy :)

  2. Karina he looks like you in the swing pictures when you were a baby! :)

  3. Karina he looks like you in the swing pictures when you were a baby! :)

  4. Karina! He looks like you in the swing pictures when you were a baby! :)

  5. Gah! This is not making me excited for Holland's next appointment! I think I'm going to have to convince Race to come with me! He looks so happy in all of these pictures though! It's hard to imagine his sweet face so sad! I hope he sleeps well tonight!

  6. Aww what a sweet Mama you are! I'm sure I would've been the same way! At least you two were happy by days end ;)

  7. I'm a new follower ( we follow each other on instagram). I honestly can't get over how handsome your little man is!

    We took my little babe for her 6 month check up and she needed the dreadful shots too! Don't worry, I cry every time too. Thankfully, she doesn't need to get any more shots until she's a year! :)

    I hope Ryan slept good and doesn't get any of the other side effects! Give him some hugs and kisses from us!!


  8. poor guy! that's weird they made you hold down his arms! They always tell me to stand away so he doesn't associate it with me. I'm sure I would cry if I they made me do that!

  9. you're a sweet mama. I can only imagine when the day comes for us to take our boy for shots! his smile makes me so happy!

  10. It never gets better. 3 weeks ago J had croupe and had to get his blood drawn and an xray. Worst. thing. ever. I was balling, he was screaming, it was horrible!!

  11. Ohh I hate shots!! :( I think it's so much harder for us to bear! Can't believe he's already 6 months! Can he get ANY cuter?!! :)))

  12. such a handsome baby boy! It's amazing how we become so attached to our little ones. I hope he slept well!

  13. shots are just the worse thing EVER!! I cry too- so sad :( You really love your little man! So sweet :)

  14. That is definitely a tear jerker! The last appt we had, Jax had his shots too. I made his daddy hold him down because I just couldn't bear to do it. It broke my heart and his poor little cry, OH MY GOODNESS! I dread going back at 4MO and then obviously he gets more shots at 6MO? I am going to die. Seriously.

  15. Oh my goodness, your little guy is precious! I so remember those heart wrenching days. My little one is 3 and finally passed most of them, but I hear the 4 year old shots are terrible. I definitely don't look forward to them. Anyways, I am your newest follower and look forward to your journey.



  16. Awww poor baby! You're right, that stuff's tougher on momma than it is on baby. You are such a good mommy...I'm sure he ended up loving his day :)