Introducing Fit Friday: My favorite sweet satisfier!

I have an obsession..
with the human body.
I find it fascinating.

I love all things Exercise, nutrition and being healthy.
I have taken classes in college, read hundreds of articles, 
watched my share of Dr. Oz haha and 
studied the anatomy of our body's and how they work.
(this was my baby at one week old... just had a mommy moment and started to cry. where has my newborn gone!?)

I grew up with a mom that taught me proper nutrition and exercise.
I married someone who loves it almost as much as me,
and "being HEALTHY" is a lifestyle for us.
(don't make fun of our mini exercise TV)

Why not talk about what I love on this blog??

I have received several emails about losing baby weight,
and exercise/eating routines.
SO...I have come up with Fit Friday to hit all these topics.

Food is to be enjoyed.
I am a food LOVER,
a carbs connoisseur,
and a sweets obsessor!

It's all about eating the GOOD foods,
and eating the bad foods in MODERATION.

After having my sweet baby,
I knew in order to lose the baby weight quicker,
I had to find something to satisfy my daily want for ice cream and sweets.
(This DOES NOT mean that I cut ice cream or treats out, I just tried not to eat them EVERY day)
You moms will know that being home all day makes it hard not to snack on candy and sweets.

I discovered Dannon Light and Fit VANILLA yogurt,
and I became obsessed.
You can buy it in the big carton.
I eat it once a day without fail!

It's 110 calories per serving, and has 7 grams of protein which is so good for you!
I love cutting up strawberries, grapes, and raspberries and sometimes putting granola in!
(You can put any fruit you want to in it, or just eat it plain)
It makes for the PERFECT snack, or dessert.
It's sweet enough to satisfy my daily ice cream craving.
I dare you to try it!!

SIDE NOTE: (This was taken last Friday and I can't help but be sad I'm not there anymore)
 We are celebrating 2 1/2 years of marriage today!
It's been the greatest ride yet.

Happy Friday!
P.S. If anyone has any topics they want addressed please don't hesitate to contact me! xoxo

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Love the fit Friday idea! You look amazing, and I lived to hear more of your tricks.

  2. I'm so glad you're doing this. You're tiny & I'm so incredibly jealous! haha. I haven't even had a baby and you look better than me. I love nutrition and exercising, too. LOVE it. Excited for your Fit Friday's!

  3. love this idea for a topic!! I too love yogurt and granola! Top it off with honey and I am good to go :)

  4. Karina I love following your blog!! Your little boy is adorable!!! Being a mom is the best isnt it? AlsoIm so glad you are doing this On your blog because I have been trying to be heathy! I wanted to ask you what kind of healthy dinners you make? I have tried some from pinterest but am just curious at what you make! You should put some of your recipes here on your blog! :) thanks for your help!!!

  5. I'm glad you're doing this because you look AMAZING little momma! I definitely need to try that yogurt...I tried Yoplait Greek for the first time yesterday and didn't like it at all...but I want to get started eating yogurt because it's healthy AND sweet :). I wish we were as dedicated to staying fit as you and Aaron...maybe you'll rub off on us!

    1. Ok, I don't like greek yogurt! I'm the same way girl! You should really try just the vanilla regular yogurt! I LOVE it! and Oh my goodness look at you! Ha i don't know if you need any tips! You look so awesome!

  6. I am going to love theses posts! You are the cutest fittest little mama.

  7. I eat yogurt and fruit now! I love it:) I do give in the the occasional milkshake.. but I figure in a few months I'm gunna have to work my butt off to lose the baby weight so I should enjoy it now. Congrats on the anniversary!

  8. You are THE cutest! I would love to hear more about losing baby weight- that will be me next month!! Your baby boy is precious.

  9. Hey you should check out my blog! I started it just for the same reason!!!

  10. You have the cutest swimsuits ever... where did you get them?

  11. Definitely wanna hear your motivation about running while pregnant. I was amazed that you were running so much as late as you were. Also, I am not much of a runner (wish I was) I exercise with weights and dance classes and cardio so what other pregnant workouts did you do? Do you diet? or just eat healthy all the time? And you really didn't eat that much more than regular right? HAHA> sorry baby time is soon approaching for us so just curious.