Baby goes to Europe- Athens, Greece

Greece is incredible.
So lets just show some highlights.

Hiking up to this thing.
P.S. this is how Ryan traveled Europe. He was such a little trooper being in there almost all day.
Aaron got a really good workout every day ha I put that thing on and almost fell over.

The views--AAMAZING.

Eating our first Greek Gyro.
Every time we have been to NYC my mom and I die over the street gyros so Aaron and I have always wanted to try the real thing. I loved it.

Anndd the gelato... But where is gelato not good in Europe!?

So we have an underlying family rule (with my fam, and Aaron's fam) that we don't take the elevator on cruise ships.
We were on floor 10.
That way you feel like you can have all the food you want;)
Ryan liked this rule and getting carried everywhere.

Watching the boat take off.

And ending with the classic picture of Mr. Ryan loving the towel animal.

I loved you Athens! Such a cool city.
Tomorrow we hit the beautiful country of Turkey.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Did you guys all mean to color coordinate? Haha! Looks like so much fun!

    1. Hahaha so funny. We met for dinner all wearing pink. We were like "what the!?" So random! Thank you sweet girl! xo

  2. These posts are amazing! Now I want to take our little guy to Europe!!

  3. So jealous! that looks like such fun!