Baby goes to Europe- Sea Days

Our first couple of days on the cruise ship were at sea.
It was so nice to relax all day every day.
We worked out, laid out, took Ryan to the kiddie pool, ate lots of food and went to the shows.
I think I had a pound of pineapple every day. Literally.

 From night one Aaron and I rocked the room service.
At 11:30 PM I would order a fruit plate, and Aaron would order a turkey avocado panini hahaha
By the end they had our order memorized when we called.
I don't even think we were that hungry, but we just ordered because we could.

Ryan was THE ONLY baby on the whole cruise ship.
I think I saw one other stroller, so there could have been one more baby but a little older than Ryan...
And then there was about 6 kids out of 2000 people, haha. not any kiddos on this boat.
He was loved and praised and loving life.
We would walk down the halls and everyone knew his name.
Some older people would come up and kiss him.
The crew members would come ask how he was doing.

He was the star of the cruise.

My darling in-laws.

Andd Mr. Ryan just wavin at us! How cute is that picture of all 3 of them on the right!?
He is oh so happy.

I think my favorite part about cruise ships are formal nights and the dinners. I had seafood every night. I was in heaven.
The sweet thing about a 12 night cruise is you get 2 formal nights!

Clearly, we can put down a lot of sherbet for dessert. ha

The cutest little cruiser!
Goodnight Mr. Ryan! Tomorrow will be your first day in Greece.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. looks like you had a lovely time~ xo

  2. O.M.G. Can he be any more perfect!!? Adorb!!

  3. Omg he is such a happy baby! I don't think I've ever seen a picture of him not smiling. This cruise looks amazing!! Beautiful beautiful family.

  4. Love all these vacation posts! Every picture is beautiful! And little Ryan looks as happy as can be.

  5. He is so cute in that little sailor outfit! I'm dying over his cuteness:)

  6. he is such a happy baby!!! cutest fam ever!

  7. your room service comments cracked me up because that's exactly how kevin and i's just so cool! haha. Ryan is a mini stud, and seeing him play in the kiddie pools makes me want to go buy one for Bronx now! :)

    and ps-i love your dress!

  8. Oh my goodness, what an AMAZING vacay!!!! I've loved catching up on your last three posts and hearing about your trip; sounds (and looks) like you guys had the most fabulous time! Ryan was a little trooper! Zach and I went to Venice, Florence, and Rome on our honeymoon...your Venice pictures reminded me all over again of what a gorgeous place it is. So glad y'all got to go as one big family!