Baby goes to Europe- Istanbul, Turkey

So we thought Ephesus was beautiful... Just wait until you see Istanbul.
Seriously breathtaking.
Our tour guide took us to the top of a mountain to just see the views.
We ate lunch at a cute cafe right downtown in the city.
And then saw the most beautiful mosques ever.
One of them we had the ladies cover all skin and the boys had to wear the long skirts.. too bad this picture doesn't show the bottom half of our bodies.

Seriously amazing.
The second highlight of the day was the Grand Bazaar.
It was incredible.
The Grand Bazaar is a HUGE- BEYOND HUGE, shopping center.
We walked around for about an hour and only saw probably 1/6 of it.
Ryan was loving all the attention as there were hardly any babies. The turkish people are so sweet.
He got lots of kisses.
It was probably the prettiest place to watch as the boat took off.

So green and so beautiful.
Goodbye beautiful Turkey!!!
Oh and Mr. Ryan lovin another night on the boat.
P.S. Any guesses on that towel animal? hahaha we are betting on a snail.

Tomorrow we head to Greece to spend a perfect afternoon on the beach!

Karina Marie Powell

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  1. Gorgeous pictures!! I'm so jealous you get to go on these awesome trips every summer!! What a blessing:) You guys are too cute!