Baby goes to Europe- Venice Part 2

We were all wide awake by 5 AM sharp because of the time difference.
We packed up, said goodbye to our little hotel, and headed to the cruise ship to drop off our bags.

Excuse my crazy wind hair but this was our view of Venice from the ship.
We explored the ship and had lunch.
Ryan was pretty excited about our room and his crib being inches from our bed.:)

The cruise ship didn't leave Venice until 1 AM the next morning so we had a whole day to tour the city. 

We went into some of the most amazing palaces, and saw the craziest prisons. It was incredible.

We shopped around and of course got some gelato.
(oh yes, and we have matching shoes and shorts, and totally wore them on the same day, not planning at all-)

Anddd ate dinner at the cutest restaurant right on the river while listening to Italian gondola drivers sing 

On our way back to the cruise ship we found more gelato. hahaha

I wonder what the Italian people think of Americans. It's like we have never seen ice cream in our life when we walk into those gelato places. We are such tourists!

Good thing we walked about 6 miles that day. ha

Such an incredible day.
Until next time Venice. You are so beautiful!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. It looks like you guys had an absolute blast! I wish I could go back to Europe (my mom is from Croatia and we used to visit every summer) I love it over there!

  2. What a fun trip, and this is just the beginning! Can't wait to see more. I've always wanted to visit Venice.

  3. Matching outfits ? love that