A post from Ryan at 18 months.

Oh heyyy!! It's been awhile since you have heard from me.
NBD I'm just growing like a weed.

18.5 months to be exact.
Don't remind mommy that, for some reason she just cries all the time these days.

I love rocks.
I pound on any door in our house and say "IDE!" (for "outside") ALL day long.
I could live outside, sit in the dirt, and throw rocks all day.

That would be the life I tell you.

Mommy and Daddy took me to Petsmart the other day.
My first time ever.
Even though mommy couldn't stand the smell, Daddy loved it, 
and mommy almost gave in to adopting me a dog.
Ok not really but I gave her my big puppy eyes and she actually considered it for once in her life.
One day mom.

Oh yeah. Mom always drags me along grocery shopping but this weekend I discovered Trader Joes' shopping carts just my size.
We won't be going any where else.
Anything with wheels and I'm in heaven.

 I live for baths, balls, books, pizza, cheese quesadillas, pB&js and chicken nuggets.
I'm quite the health nut. (making my mom proud) ha

 Hahaha I am so sneaky.
I hide all of mom's stuff in cupboards and trash cans and drawers.
She freaks out because she never knows where anything is.
It's hilarious.
Yesterday she found her hair brush (that she has been trying to find for weeks) in Daddy's swimsuit drawer.
Who would have thought to look there!?
My highest accomplishment.

I love to tell everyone how old I am.
1 is a pretty cool number.
I can almost count to 5 all by myself. Mom is proud.

18 months is a pretty sweet age.
Mom says I talk her ear off all day.
I can say so many new words.
I'm quite the jibber jabber.
Oh how they love me.

Well until next time!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. This is such a cute idea - I love it!! He is just too cute - I couldn't help but laugh at the part where he hides all of your stuff! I have a hard enough time finding things that I've put somewhere so I cant imagine lol

  2. He is sooo stinking cute! One is my favorite age so far and it looks as if Ryan is killing it. :) I took my boys to Petsmart one dreary winter day this year too and it was a ton of fun! It's a dangerous place for us. I kinda want a parakeet and my three year old insisted that our dog needed a friend. Uh-oh! Lol.

  3. I love that this is written from his perspective - so cute!! Such a little man!


  4. adorable!! 18 mos is such a precious age :)

  5. that shoe! Hilarious! Such a cutie!!

  6. I can't believe how big he is! I've been following since your pregnancy and I just can't believe how quickly the time flies!