Tuesday Tangents

Jimmy Neutron hair- awesome.
If only my extra curricular reading went beyond the Twilight series. (yes it's that bad)
I wish I liked books as much as he does.

Aaron is greeted with open arms and open mouths every night.
He loves coming home;)

Please tell me how he does this and somehow clicks the send button.
For all of you that have received a text from our child- ha

Because I have to get veggies down Ryan someway or another.
Seriously works people. He's obsessed with my smoothies.

Aaron came home yesterday and we looked at the calendar.
2 months and 1 day until law school graduation.
But who's counting:)
We got pretty excited.
I am going to make a paper chain.

2 things.
#1. I told my husband I needed to run to the store and get more bobby pins.
 His response was, "wait how come, they are all over the house."
Oh the married life and how he loves me ha.
Please tell me how I manage to go through a pack every few weeks.

#2. It's official. I am the St. Patricks Day grinch. I didn't even dress my child in green.
I did make us all have a bowl of lucky charms last night. That counts for festive right?

 We have been back twice since the above episode.
If only we could all be this happy grocery shopping.

So my husband has been my trainer lately with weights.
He knows what he is doing ha so I tag along for his weight workouts.
Anyways, MONDAY is "leg day".
I DREADED It ALL day long yesterday and he knows how much I hate leg day,
so he sent me this email to give me motivation of people who have "skipped leg day for working out" hahaha
I was dying.
For those who want motivation to do squats or just want a good laugh- go HERE
Needless to say we did legs at 6:30 PM last night.

Happy Tuesday!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Loooove the Jimmy Neutron hair!!

  2. Legs and abs are the only things I like to work out haha!

  3. Haha I love leg day! I used to hate it but after seeing so many funny looking people in those kinds of photos and at the gym I've been converted, haha. Loving Ryan's hair!

  4. Thanks for the good laugh! Also, how do those little carts turn miniature terrors into the most responsible of little human beings? ;)

  5. Oh the bobby pins! hahaha. It is seriously SO nice to know I am not the only one! I do the same thing, and my husband says the same thing yours does (maybe it's an Aaron thing? Because, coincedently that's my husbands name too!) I think there is a reason why bobby pins are so inexpensive though. Women just loose them too often to make them pricey! And thanks, because now you made me crave some lucky charms! Haven't had those in forever!

  6. He's the cutest baby boy, gahhhh!!!

  7. please post your smoothie recipe for the little one! thank you gorgeous!