Everyone needs to go once in their lifetime.

To the rodeo.
This weekend we went with my in-laws to the Houston Rodeo.
If you are ever in Houston, come stay with me and we will go. 

I have been 3 times now since living here and
Seriously, it's amazing!

A good excuse to wear a hat and boots (still don't understand how my husband has lived in Texas his whole life and doesn't own a pair of cowboy boots) and eat a turkey leg.

I was in heaven.
Mostly because I got to hang out with these two.

3 things about this picture.
#1. Ryan's skinny jeans. 
#2. #dadstatus / Gotta love the sipper cup and baby, food, and wipes falling out of the backpack.
#3. Ryan's first carnival game.

We let him play and Of course, our 18 month old child throws the ball into the winning hole on the first game of his life.
Pretty sure my husband was freaking out and Ryan had no idea what the heck just happened.

 A few highlights were
 Petting the animals,

Winning a big stuffed dog for Ryan,

And seeing pigs race.
Seriously, it is probably one of the funniest things you will ever see.
Of course, our pig we were rooting for is the one taking up the rear!
Little distracted getting out of the gate. It's ok buddy.

Turns out Ryan is scared to death of the carousel.
First time, and poor baby hated every minute of it.
Oh well. Aaron and I enjoyed it. ha

We may have to wait another year for Disneyworld, that or go now and ride It's a small world 50 times.

The night ended with the roping down of calves and bull riding which I close my eyes for,
and Keith Urban who I went crazy for. (ask my husband)

Seriously the best.
Next year everyone needs to fly/ drive to Houston and come with us.:)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I sooo want to visit Texas and go to a rodeo! Looks like a lot of fun! Ryan is just the sweetest little guy ever, and a WINNER!!!!!!! Adorable xx

  2. Cutest family ever.
    I'm in love.

    Didn't you get a camera for Christmas???

  3. That looks like so much fun!! I'm literally begging my hubby to move down there from the frozen tundra a.k.a Minnesota - and this just makes me want to even more! Seriously, Ryan is the cutest little man I have ever seen! Can we please set up an arranged marriage for my Bella and him? lol


  4. How cute! I've always wanted to go to the Houston Rodeo! You got to love any event where you can wear cowboy boots, eat fried meat, and funnel cakes! I bet he will love it more and more as he grows older!


  5. A fair and rodeo all rolled into one? Sounds like a fabulous day to me! Also, Ryan's face after he threw the winning ball is priceless.

  6. Oh my gosh. You just look o cute! I love this post!

  7. Oh gosh, please adopt me! Hahaha. This all sounds like such fun!