6 things that make my heart happy.

#1. Mangos.
The other day I told Aaron I wanted to plant a mango tree in our back yard when we buy a house.
He laughed pretty hard but I was only half kidding.
I spent 30 minutes on google looking up how to care for a mango tree. Pretty sure mine would die, but it's a fun dream to have.

Until my dream of a mango tree in my back yard comes true, my weekly yogurt runs and grocery store mangos will do.

#2. Family & Friends.
I have the best family and friends. How can this not make your day! Seriously. (and for all you I don't know as well, your sweet messages have been such a strength to me!) Thank you thank you thank you.

#3. Naked babies.
So it's 9:00 AM. Ryan was still sleeping. NEVER HAPPENS. So I went to check on him to see if he was ok. Found him completely naked. What the heck. I didn't even know he knew how to take his clothes off! (like onesie, PJ's, diaper, everything was thrown on the floor off his crib) That had to have taken him hours. No wonder he was still sleeping. I took a quick crappy phone picture in the dark trying not to wake him up but I was dying laughing!

#4. Moms.
My sweet mother in law for taking over these last few weeks and of course my sweet mamma.
Apparently my body didn't respond well to my surgery and I ended up being hooked to IV's the ER. My poor husband handled it worse than I did. Long story short, I'm alive, and my mom caught the first plane to Houston and was here for 5 days. I was in heaven! She left yesterday and we miss her already!

#5. Vitamin D
Is good for the soul. Talk about the prettiest day ever today. See his little tooth. I'm so proud. Finally decided to show up about 2 months ago. He actually has 3 teeth and a 4th is coming in. 2 popped in up top but you can't see them here. Slowest teether ever and I'm already missing that gummy smile.

#6. My baby
I am loving the fact that he is obsessed with Lion King. Because give me anything Disney and I will love you for life! He has to say every sound each animal makes as they show up on TV. Combine Lion King with Dum dums and you have one good afternoon.

Happy Weekend!
Everyone better enjoy an ice cream cone and a piece of pizza for me.:)

PS. After whats felt like a really really long recovery, my doctor told me, I can finally start slowly jogging again, and I'm so happy I could cry!
Fit Friday posts will come soon.:)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. So happy to see you doing so well! I stumbled on your blog a few weeks ago, and you have the most adorable family!!

  2. I can't believe Ryan took all his cloths off!! hahaha that had me laughing so hard! I love how these kids keep life interesting :)

  3. Your recovery sounds like quite the story! So happy to hear you are healthy and doing much better. The story of naked Ryan made me laugh out loud. Yes, it would take hours for someone that little to get a onesie over his head. Haha

  4. I love your strength and optimism. Sending you only love and sunshine. And little Ryan- how funny!!

  5. Sending continue strength and courage xx

  6. Praying for you daily! So sorry to hear that you were in the hospital :( but glad that your momma got to come and take care of you for a few days! Hope you get to go see your family soon!

  7. Aww, so many great photos in this post, I'm also so glad things are getting better and you are continuing to be so positive moving forward. <3

  8. Oh girl I'm so sorry, dealing with physical pain just makes dealing with the emotional aspect a lot harder, but I'm glad you're doing ok! That's funny my boy is also obsessed with the Lion King although we must skip the part where Mufasa dies, he's only seen that part once but I believe it was too much for his little heart to handle haha he asks me to skip it all the way to Hakuna Matata...Sending hugs your way!