BABY #2 IS…….

Most Definitely,
Ryan's little twin.


As soon as the ultrasound tech pulled our sweet baby up on the big screen I looked at Aaron and started to cry!
( yes it was a flat screen TV that we saw our baby on! - WHAT THE FANCY!? )

We knew right then and there it was a boy. Our sweet baby had "RYAN" written all over it!
Gosh those "Powell" genes are strong!
We compared Ryan's 20 week ultrasound to this baby's ultrasound pictures and they are almost identical.
Another little Ryan, another mini of my husband….. another BOY!

I think my heart might explode.
Gosh these boys steal your heart.
We are SO happy.

Ryan has prayed for this baby for a long time and he is pretty dang excited to be getting a best friend.
( Good thing I'm getting this "boy mom" thing down :)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. AHHHH yesss!! I was hoping for a boy! seeing marci's too little boys together melts my heart every time. and I know yours will be the same!

  2. I have been so excited all day to hear what your having! I'm just so excited for you guys! Boys are so fun and it will be so fun for Ryan to have a little buddy!!

  3. SOOOO HAPPY for you!!! You are going to LOVE two boys oh my goodness! It is the best ever and so much fun! They are going to be the cutest best friends! So, so, so excited for you!!

  4. yaaaaay!!!! made my night to read this! how freaking exciting for Ryan!

  5. Eeep! Congratulations! :D So exciting for all of you!

  6. yayyyy! so happy for you guys.

  7. Thanks for finally writing about > "BABY #2 IS A......." < Loved it!

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  8. Yeah!! Congrats! I raised all boys an loved every moment! They certainly steal your ♥.

  9. YIPPEE YAY!!!! They are going to be the best of friends and the sweetest brothers... And then a swap for us for round 3 :)

  10. Congratulations!! How exciting!! Ryan is just the cutest so a mini Ryan sounds adorable :)

  11. Ahh!! SO incredibly happy for you mama!
    :) Rebecca

  12. I don't think I could be any happier for you and your sweet family! So exciting that Ry is getting a little brother, his best friend for life!! So, so happy!!

  13. Sooooo exciting! Congratulations!!! We already know you can make a gorgeous boy!