Potty train or bust.

I have to be honest and say that this is definitely an area of parenting that I feel SO CLUELESS.

I am ATTEMPTING ( what feels like ) an INTENSE potty train 3 day program.
Surprisingly, it's working out so wonderfully!
Ryan has had a couple of accidents but for the most part, he is rocking it and I'm so proud of him.

I hear "MOMMY, I HAVE TO GO POTTY!!" about 40 times a day.
It's cool, We spend hours every day in the bathroom.

On the way to the potty he sings 
"When you have to go potty, STOP, and go right away! Flush and wash and be on your way!"

- Thank you Daniel Tiger. That song never leaves Aaron and I's head.

According to the program you are to not leave the house for 3-4 days.
We are on day 4. HA.
I think we are in survival mode now nd I'm almost out of ideas of creative things to fill our time.

I think tomorrow we should be good to go out and explore WITH the big boy pants!
I have put off potty training for so long and I figured I better just go for it before it gets too into summer and before I get too "baby big" to have the energy :)

Ryan's idea of a good burger ^^

Aaron and I have way too much fun with the play-doh for adults in their 20's. HA

Digging for "treasures" ( more like quarters, screws and my lip glosses HA )

Mastering his PB & J skills ^

Daniel Tiger said "Cookies" on his show this morning 
( Ryan watches the 30 minute episode every day while he eats his oatmeal for breakfast )
and after I heard the word "cookies" I couldn't stop thinking about cookies. I HAD to make them.
So it looks like, today, I crave cookies.

Also. I am 19 weeks pregnant today and it makes us pretty happy. :)
Aaron felt the baby move the other day. It was going CRAZY with little kicks one morning.
BEST feeling ever.

Wish us luck on our first outing with the big boy pants tomorrow.
Here goes nothin :)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I could totally hear that song in my head as I was reading it. Lol I've heard it one too many times. :)' hope the potty training is a success!!!!!

  2. ahh potty training! i think it might be my biggest parenting fear haha! i've definitely been avoiding it so far so i'm anxious to see how this works out for you!! sounds like he's doing great so far!

  3. We've yet to venture into potty training mode with Harper. Like you, I'm a little clueless though all of my other mama friends have told me to spend three days at home with Harper running around naked and we'll be good to go. I plan on tackling that challenge this summer. So glad you guys are making it. Good luck on your outing today! I'm sure he'll do great!

  4. You are such a great mama!! Congrats on 19 weeks!!! :) Yea!
    Blessings, Rebecca :)

  5. So excited for you for 19 weeks!!
    I'm 28 weeks tomorrow with our first child, a girl and have been spending lots of money on tiny little clothes for her! :)

  6. I think it's great you waited. I waited with my first boy and he did awesome. Three weeks later he was dry through the night and no accidents. With Levi, however, I started earlier. He was showing interest, but it's been a nearly six month grueling process... and he still prefers to poop in the front yard instead of the toilet. Oi! Best wishes and many adventures ahead! Haha. :) You've got this.

  7. Good luck tomorrow! We recently just potty trained our boy at 22 months of age ( & just turned 2 this past weekend) and we were completely clueless too! We took the 3 day approach as well and he did surprisingly well! But he's been in diapers so long we still (2 months later) always forget to ask if he needs to go potty before we get in the car and half way to our destination he will let us know he has to go. ugh! one day we will remember! hahaha

    Congrats on 19 weeks! :)

  8. Yay for potty training! I was right there with ya and wanted to get our little boy potty trained before we had our second little one; it is the most stressful time I've had as a parent, but after it's all done and they got it down, you wonder why it was so hard. haha My son and Ryan are totally twinning on the undies though! So cute. :)

  9. Congrats momma - hope the big boy pants are going well!! This little man of yours is just gorgeous! I can't get enough of him x