Disney Resort - Oahu

After 4 days of bliss in Maui, my family flew to Oahu and stayed at Disney Aulani.
Considering how much my family loves Disney - we were all in heaven.
Characters were constantly walking the pool grounds.
Breakfast with Mickey and pals.
And you got 2 free Disney movie rentals a day that we took full advantage of!
Ryan was in heaven and to this day still asks to go see "Mickey Mouse" - he loved him so much!

The hotel design and architecture is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I'm not way into stuff like that, but this hotel blew my mind!

How can you not be happy eating this for breakfast!?

One of the best parts of the hotel was the unlimited DOLE WHIP!
Oh my gosh I am craving a big cup of Dole Whip!
Instead of driving way out to the Dole plantation to get dole whip, Disney had their own self serve.
All you could get in a cup for 4 dollars HA.
Disney, you do everything right.

Tube slide heaven.

Splash Pad heaven.
( Disney's resort is COMPLETELY geared towards kids! - I'm pretty sure no pool is more than 4 feet deep and kids are treated like royalty! If you have kids - I would highly RECOMMEND this resort! - or if you are just crazy Disney fanatics like we are… HA )

Notice the kid's "water playground" behind Goofy.

Snorkel heaven. I spy with my little eye - Mickey Mouse ears ^^ See it!?

My dad and brothers decided to have a contest on who could climb the highest on the tree - pretty sweet.
( Looking back at photos, I don't know what happened to my husband during this competition HA )

My littlest brother was determined to be Tarzan and climb to the top.

Luau, Disney Style.

Late night "Hula Pie" run. I am still dreaming of this.
If you go to Hawaii, PLEASE eat this for me!!

And again, Hawaii I am such a sucker for your dreamy sunsets!!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Thanks for sharing! I hope to take my kids when they are older. Where did you get that Rose print bathing suit from? I love anything floral!

    1. Hi sweet lady! Ah, you definitely should! They would love it so much. It is from "everything but water" and the brand is Betsey Johnson! I hope that helps! XO

    2. Thank you! I'll be hunting it down. I'm 5 months post partum and need a pretty tankini for this summer.

      Did you have to wait in lines to see the characters, or were they always walking around the resort?

  2. Oh my gosh, HEAVEN! I totally want to take Mia now! Such a dreamy trip... I'm so glad you guys got to experience this with your family!

  3. We love Disney as well. This resort looks like a blast. Beautiful photos :)

  4. Beautiful photos! We are wanting to go for our 15 anniversary and this is where we want to stay since we will be taking our kiddo...ha, still have 4 years to wait:(

  5. All things beach and Disney equals HEAVEN!! x

  6. Y'all are such a sweet family and that resort looks like a blast! Love that pink swimsuit!

  7. I just love looking at your family photos. It makes me want to just get on with it and have 6 kids already!!!!!!! xx

  8. These pictures are all to die for! We are huge Disney fanatics too! If we ever make it to Hawaii staying here is on the top of my to-do list! I'm obsessed with that picture of Minnie Mouse & Ryan and how excited everyone at the table looks for him to meet her! We took our boys to Disneyland in October and seriously character encounters with toddlers - the BEST!!